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Google Offers

It looks like Google Offers may be rolled into the Google Maps service. Image: Flickr / MoneyBlogNewz / CC-BY

A few weeks ago, there were rumors that Google was trying to purchase Groupon. When that was unsuccessful, Google announced it was going to start Google Offers. Today, using the exact search term “coupons site: intitle:google offers” appears to show a soft launch of the service.

Use exact search term to see Google Offers examples

The new Google Offers website has not officially been launched. The site is going to be a direct competitor to services such as Groupon, Living Social and The Deal Planet. There is no date announced for the launch of Google Offers yet, but a very specific search can provide a preview of some of the available offers. Making use of the search functions within Google and typing “coupons intitle:google offers” into the search box gave a preview for a short period of time today.

Will Google Offers be any different?

From the search results available today from the “coupons intitle:google offers” search, it appears Google Offers will look very familiar. The offers appeared to be mostly the same as other group-coupon sites. Most of them were half or more off of a product or service, including yoga classes and Indian food. For customers, the differences are likely to be very small. The benefits for businesses may well prove to be the make-or-break factor. Groupon has gathered some frustrating comments because product-based deals end up costing businesses more than the exposure is worth.

Google calls Offers a beta test

The search “coupons intitle:google offers” today showed what appeared to be offers for businesses. Google has not confirmed the existence of Google Offers as a full-blown program. The company has, however, confirmed that Google Offers exists as a beta test that is “expanding customer service.”



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