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Cougars seek love online and off, use internet loans

Watch out, cubs! You may not be getting or giving what you bargained for. (Photo: stayawayfromtools.blogspot.com)

Watch out, cubs! You may not be getting or giving what you bargained for. (Photo: stayawayfromtools.blogspot.com)

Relationships are a tricky business. Whether we meet people out and about or online (in between searching for internet loans), we all have a social side of ourselves that is longing to connect with others. When it comes to companionship, we tend to seek out those who are either most compatible with us or who stoke our physical desire. The second of these is fleeting, of course, but feeling attracted to your mate (and vice versa) is still very important. The trick to all of this is in keeping yourself open to possibility while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of identity so that when the time comes that your heart is broken, you won’t lose yourself beneath the waves. Keep your chin up and keep swimming; that’s the way that the world goes round.

How low can you go, limbo ladies?

Another tricky element of dating and relationships is age. Should partners be of the same age group, or is a difference in age permissible – and by how many years? The answers will vary wildly there, yet some older women who know they prefer younger men aren’t waiting around for anyone’s approval. They’re known (for better or worse) as “cougars,” and they’re on the prowl. And if the recent Miss Cougar USA convention is any indication, they’re becoming a more accepted part of mainstream America.

A recent Examiner article reports that Palo Alto, California hosted the National Single Cougars Convention. Cocktails and appetizers gave way to various presentations from sponsors and finally a “Cougar Ball” where “cubs” (younger men) came to mingle with the den of cougars. The evening climaxed with the crowning of the first Miss Cougar USA (actually, Miss Cougar America), Gloria Navarro.

But it wasn’t all about tiaras and acceptance

Judging by a blog account of the event that appeared on the San Francisco Gate’s Web site, the Miss Cougar USA convention was both a “sausage fest” and a den of “sexual frustration.” While some cougars met interesting men, many more went away empty. While some might say something “catty” like “they got what they deserved” or something equally impolite, I think the general lack of coupling success that the Gate reporter witnessed had a lot to do with the age gap. Older women may be physically attracted to younger men, but when it comes to a long-term relationship, a large age gap most frequently means that the cougar and cub have nothing in common – nothing meaningful to hold a conversation together for long.

What were the cougars looking for?

The Gate reporter’s interviews uncovered similarities. They dressed younger than women their age normally would, drank and listened politely while the young men (who outnumbered them five to one) talked at them, rather than with them. By nature of being male, they wanted to steer the social interaction, but being young, they didn’t have much gas in the tank yet. The penthouse units weren’t fully occupied. Apparently wisdom and experience are important, even to cougars. Humans may be animals – and cougars are animals – but humans operate on more than just physical instinct. They told the interviewer they wanted men who were willing to “do things,” and by that I don’t just mean intimate things. Cougars believe that as a whole, cubs are willing to try new things bears aren’t. And I don’t mean hairy men who like other men when I say “bear.” I simply mean older men.

They “know what they want” and “don’t play games”

That’s what the cubs told the reporter. However, what the cougars wanted wasn’t young men who couldn’t hold intelligent conversations about mature things. This was frustrating for the men, and the alcohol flowed at a healthy clip. Thankfully the convention was held at a hotel, so nobody was hopping in their cars to leave. The wrecked vehicles would have required lots of internet loans to make them whole again. That’s to say nothing for the possible injuries or death.

Don’t wait for your cougar to pay… get internet loans!

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So the whole Miss Cougar USA thing, as well as the cougar “movement,” may have mixed success. People have to be compatible if long-term relationships are the goal. Cubs shouldn’t bite at the first cougar they see if they’re in it for superficial reasons. Yes, all some people want is short-term fun, but some men go for cougars because they think they’ll be their “sugar momma,” or something like that. The reality is that you have to be able to stand on your own two feet. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, request internet loans. There’s no regret the morning after for people who have a conscience for such things.

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