Miami hostage situation at Coral Gables Bank | Bomb remains

Bank of America

Bank of America has confirmed the hostage situation at Coral Gables. Image: Picasa / Guillaume LaHaye / CC-BY

In Florida this morning, a robber walked into Coral Gables Bank of America and took hostages. The Miami hostage situation may have started with a kidnapping earlier in the day, though investigations will be ongoing. At approximately 11:42 this morning, Coral Gables police confirmed that the last person was out of the bank and the Miami hostage situation was over.

The Coral Gables Bank of America hostage situation

FBI sources are telling reporters that before the Coral Gables Bank of America opened at 9 a.m. this morning, an employee was kidnapped from his home. The kidnapper forced the individual to strap a bomb to himself and go into Coral Gables Bank of America. At 8 a.m., officials were notified of the Miami-area hostage situation and began their response. U.S. 1 in both directions, Metrorail, the nearby University of Miami, and two elementary schools were all locked down during the response.

Miami hostage kidnapped Thursday evening

The Coral Gables bank robbery began on Thursday evening, with a home invasion at the Nob Hill apartments. All all-points bulletin has been issued for a red Mustang vehicle with two passengers that may be connected to this kidnapping and home invasion. It is not yet clear if the bank robbers / kidnappers were with the kidnapped employee who was possibly strapped to the bomb when he or she was forced to enter the bank. It is also not yet clear if the Coral Gables Bank of America was being robbed for a quick no fax payday loan or if the Miami hostage situation was intended to create a distraction for some other crime.

Miami hostage situation over, bomb remains

The Miami-area Coral Gables Bank of America has confirmed that several individuals were held hostage during the situation. By 11:20 a.m. local time, the last person held hostage exited the building. However, FBI and police confirm that the bomb squad is still on the scene. The bomb, which was originally reported as strapped to the kidnapped employee, may still be inside the Coral Gables bank. Until the Miami hostage situation is clear, all schools and businesses around Coral Gables Bank remain locked down.


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