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When you are just getting started in Affiliate Article Marketing, conversion articles will help you build commission quickly. A “conversion article” is an article intended to get the reader to take some kind of action. These conversion articles will become the basis of your commissions, so it is important to take the time to write them carefully. Personal Money Store has developed recommendations for conversion commission articles that have proven effective and high-performing over time.

Keywords – The basis of Article Marketing

Helping search engines and individuals find your articles starts with using the right keywords. Once you submit your first Commission Writer article marketing submission, we will send you a long list of keywords that tend to convert well. Articles that use the keyword in exact match in the title, URL, headers and content with a sales pitch convert the best. An “exact match” keyword is when you use the exact phrase you’ve chosen for a keyword many times throughout the article. Before you start writing, chose one keyword that is your target for your conversion article. This is a list of keywords to get you started in writing conversion articles:

  • Cash Advance
  • Cash Advance Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Military Loans
  • No Fax Cash Advance
  • No Fax Payday Loans
  • Online Cash Advance
  • Online Payday Loans
  • Payday Cash Advance Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Quick Payday Loans
  • Short Term Loans

Longtail keywords are keywords that do not get a lot of search traffic, but tend to perform well with very few searches. Read more about longtail marketing in the longtail marketing article.

The structure of a conversion article

A conversion article for the Personal Money Store Commissioned Writer program should:

  • Be 300 – 500 words long
  • Have subheadings for each paragraph
  • Include a title that is 65 characters or fewer
  • Include a description that is 140 characters or fewer
  • Include six to 12 “tags” – words that describe the topic of the article
  • Have a Creative Commons commercially licensed photograph or illustration
  • Be written in clear, correct English

A good conversion article should have an opening paragraph that summarizes the rest of your article and includes your keyword at least once. You should then include a subheading that also includes your keyword. The following paragraphs for your article should each be clear, concise, and make a point. Every paragraph should have a subheading. The final paragraph should be a summation and conclusion to your article. Create a title for your article that includes your keyword and is fewer than 65 characters long. If you are not sure of the title length, use this tool to count.

Sales points for conversion articles

Conversion articles should include information about the product and/or action that you want the reader of your article to take. The sales points of the personal loan, payday loan, and installment loan products that Personal Money Store offers include:

  • No faxing of documentation back and forth required
  • Decisions are usually made in less than three minutes
  • Money can be deposited directly into the borrower’s bank account
  • Bankruptcy and bad credit do not affect the application
  • No collateral required
  • Fixed income applications are sometimes accepted
  • Military applications are sometimes accepted
  • Installment payments are available
  • Borrowers have the choice of accepting or rejecting the loan offer
  • The application information is protected with 128-bit encryption

You can see more frequently asked questions about the loan products on the FAQ page

Read high-performing conversion articles

Before you write a conversion article, you should take a few minutes to read some well-written articles by other authors. There are many factors that go into the success of an article, but these are good examples to build from.
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