Consumers Worried About Debt Relief and Retirement

Retirement funding

Debt relief and retirementMany consumers are worried about debt relief as they reach retirement age.  With news of Social Security and Medicare being tapped out within the next few decades, Americans are looking for other options to retire in comfort.  Fortunately, there are some jobs that still focus on pension plan guarantees.  Here are some industries that still support their retirees.

  • Public-Service Sector workers.  Local, state and federal government positions are still highly attuned to retirement benefit payouts.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 80 percent of state and local government workers had traditional pensions last year. Olivia Mitchell, director of the Pension Research Council, stated “Police officers, firefighters, teachers and judges have always had pension plans.” She also noted that these careers are all putting more money into firming up their workers’ retirements to provide security for them.
  • Large, private companies. Although pension plans are more difficult to find in the private sector, a recent study showed that 21 percent of private-sector entities had a plan for retirees. This is a huge benefit for employees who know they will have a payout for their retirement years.  Consumers need to look for employment, but be aware of the retirement funding statistics. A recent poll showed that only 9 percent of companies with less than 100 employees and 34 percent of companies with more than 100 employees offer traditional pensions. Management and professional positions are also the most likely to offer  retirement plans, regardless of the size of the company.  Service-sector jobs are the least likely to have any retirement benefits.   Geographically, mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Pacific coastal regions are the most likely to have jobs with retirement benefits, in particular in their large metropolitan areas.
  • Businesses with less than 10 employees.  Although most small businesses don’t offer retirement funding, exceptionally small offices normally do. This means offices with less than 10 employees, commonly doctors’ offices, law offices or family-owned businesses.  Author and expert on retirement Fran Hawthorne stated, “Very often, the owners of small doctor’s offices set up the pension plan because they want a tax-free way to put money aside for retirement. … The law requires that if you do this, you must provide the same pension for all your employees based on income.” This is encouraging news for Americans who want to work in the small business sector but still have a plan for retirement and debt relief in their elder years.

The key to success

Employees who are working for smaller businesses need to know that retirement funds are most beneficial when they stay with a company for an extended period of time.  Payouts are maximized based on time spent servicing a company.  It’s also beneficial to know that the sooner employees get retirement plans in place, the better they may fare at payout time.  Hawthorne added, “If you don’t get a job with a pension now, your (payout goes)  down every year because more and more pensions freeze each year.”

Planning for retirement

Planning for retirement is a number one concern of Americans today.  With unemployment running high, debt relief being sought and foreclosures increasing, people are wanting to store away money for the future.  There are still some ways to wisely handle the situation and live comfortably in the golden years.

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