Confession app making a profit from guilt


The confession app provides the work of confession with none of the benefit. Image: Flickr / MoneyBlogNewz / CC-BY

Telling your sinful secrets is becoming easier than ever. The Catholic Church is getting into the same business as Texts From Last Night and PostSecret with a Confession app. The $1.99 app goes through the motions, but in the end a priest is still required for absolution.

Confession app goes through the motions

The $1.99, Catholic-church approved confession app is currently available through Little iApps. The app does not connect to a live person, but it does go through the motions of confession. The app is protected by a password and was developed with the help of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Users type out their sins, and the digital app provides a response. After using the confession app, however, the user must still go to a priest for absolution (forgiveness). Usually, that means users will have to repeat the sins they have already confessed.

Catholic church embracing technology

The confession app is just the latest iteration of the Catholic church embracing technology. The app was not designed by the church, but it has been approved by the church. Pope Benedict XVI has officially given his blessing to social networking, in stark contrast to conservative Christian leaders who have warned their flock off of social networks.

Profiting off Catholic guilt?

The confession app is retailing for $1.99, and the money goes to the Little iApps business. There are some concerned that the business is going to be making money off of Catholics feeling guilty, without actually providing anything except a robotic text response. Texts from Last Night and PostSecret also make their money from the guilt and confessions of others. The difference is that TFLN and PostSecret do not offer anything except amusement from what people willingly share. Some question whether the confession app will actually help anyone or just make money off the guilt of others.



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