Coming to America: Dell Mini 3 Smartphone

Dell Mini 3 jumps into the game

Dell was first to bring us Netbooks.

Dell was first to bring us Netbooks.

Techies and gadget lovers must feel like their heads are going to explode this week — and the Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t even started yet! This week Google has shaken up the smartphone market big time with the release of Nexus One. The new gadget, which Google is calling a “superphone” is offered at a $350 discount if you get a T-Mobile contract.

It appears AT&T is responding with a resounding “Oh no you di-in’t!” Of course after the release of the Droid, only available with Verizon, and Google’s deal with T-Mobile, I expected AT&T to answer, and here’s what it’s saying: “Dell Mini 3.” No word on the price of this baby yet, so don’t fill out you  pay day loa form just yet.

Oh, just you wait

The Dell Mini 3 is not a brand new smartphone; it has been available in China and Brazil for a few months. Now, it’s the latest player in a game I like to call “Who’s The Smartest of Them All,” which is played in the U.S. and pits smartphones that run on Android processors against each other.

But Dell Mini 3 is only the very first step in AT&T’s game plan for how to combat Droid, Nexus One and all of the other phones Google will be offering through it’s brand new online cell phone store. AT&T says it will introduce five new Android phones in the next few months. Maybe the next few weeks.

Dell Mini 3

The Dell Mini 3 is similar to other smartphones out there, in both looks and operations. It has the same processor as the Droid, and it looks like the Nexus One, if I do say so myself. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about it as far as whether it has something to offer that other phones don’t. But it does run on AT&T’s network and Google’s processor so … there’s that.

As far as what we can expect from the new offerings, there’s not a whole lot of detail yet. From AT&T’s press release:

AT&T today announced plans to launch five new devices from Dell, HTC and Motorola based on the Android platform. The company also announced a major initiative to expand the universe of mobile applications beyond smartphones to more mobile phones – and spur future app development for emerging consumer electronics devices, its U-verse TV platform, and enterprise and small business workplaces.

Clearly,this announcement was just made to keep AT&T in the game, as the only real information is that “Dell Mini 3 is coming to the U.S. … sometime. Soon.”

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