Cisco announcment: CRS-3 router

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An impending Cisco announcement has been on techies’ radars for weeks, and this morning the Cisco announcement finally came. Cisco Systems, which supplies hardware to Internet service providers, announced that it has developed a new router, the CRS-3, that can handle 12 times more traffic that previous models.

Cisco announcement: how it affects users

I know one group who will be happy about the Cisco announcement. You know those people who play online games on Xbox live or something similar and trash talk on their headsets? Their mortal enemy is lag, and lag is often caused by too much Internet traffic. Fans of “Call of Duty” and “Halo” rejoice; the Cisco announcement could mean decreased lag if your ISP buys Cisco Systems’ new router.

The new router might help you get approved for an online personal loan faster, but the main motivation behind this new product that led to the Cisco announcement is video. Cisco CEO John Chambers says that gaming, video tablets and 3-D have made video the Internet’s “killer app.”

Does the Cisco announcement excite you?

Faster Internet that can handle more traffic sounds like pretty good news to me, but the people over at CNET say the Cisco announcement simply amounts to “an incremental upgrade to Cisco’s existing product.”

CNET and other online media are saying  that the Cisco announcement was overhyped, but I never heard about it until today. What do you think about the Cisco announcement? Did you know it was coming? Are you disappointed? Excited? People absolutely freaked when Google announced that it would be starting a project to provide faster Internet in certain areas. I guess the Cisco announcement just didn’t meet some people’s expectations.

Technically correct

Apparently, Cisco Systems said that the new product would “change the Internet forever.” Though the CRS-3 router might be a small change according to some, technically making the internet faster and able to handle more traffic is changing it. Of course, the Cisco announcement is just one small blip in the never-ending array of products — like instant payday loans with no faxing — that have, and will, change the Internet forever.

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