Story of Chilean miner mistress steals spotlight from rescue


The miner in the Chilean miner mistress drama was nicknamed "Dr. House." Illustration of Hugh Laurie of the show "House, M.D." from Wikimedia Commons.

The rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners has been overshadowed by reports of a Chilean miner mistress. Apparently, the Chilean miner mistress showed up at the camp where friends and family gathered, and his wife was none too pleased. After a brief altercation, his wife and mistress have been keeping their distance. The miner with mistress troubles, Johnny Barrios, is going to have a lot to answer for now that he has reached the surface.

Chilean miner mistress faces off with his wife

As rescue efforts have slowly crawled along, a camp grew around the site of the collapsed mine. Friends, family, supporters and rescue staff waited 69 days to rescue the trapped miners. One of the men down in the mine, Yonni Barrios Rojas, or Johnny Barrios as he’s been dubbed by the press, has gained notoriety for his extra-curricular activities. Barrios is the miner with mistress trouble, according to The Telegraph. He and Marta Salinas have been married for 28 years. She was unaware of his five-year affair with Susana Valenzuela. The two met in the tent city, Camp Esperanza, and came to blows.

Medical skills cane in handy

Aside from the other story concerning Barrios Rojas, he was useful to medical personnel in monitoring the other miners. When caring for his mother, Barrios Rojas received some basic medical training. He administered tests, drew blood and performed other procedures, and was nicknamed “Dr. House” by his compatriots in the mine. While trapped, watching DVDs was one of the few activities available to the trapped miners. Among the favorites was “House, M.D.” The titular character is a notoriously sarcastic medical genius that walks with the aid of a cane. Interestingly enough, none of the miners have lupus.

Barrios faced with a choice

During the ordeal, he asked for both his wife and mistress to be present when he came out. His wife has refused. Salinas will not be in the presence of his mistress, and maintains he must now choose between them.Valenzuela claims he has been planning to leave his wife for her as soon as he’s out. He said he loves them both and wants them to be friends.


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