Chile quake 2010 tsunami: Death and destruction

Chile's Valparaiso Beach is likely empty of sunbathers now as the people pick up the pieces.

I used to live in a state that is known for its earthquakes, and while I experienced quite a few of them, I never felt an 8.8 magnitude like the Chile quake 2010, tsunamis and all. That’s a staggering seismic event, and much like the recent Haiti earthquake, there have been significant casualties. Various media sources claim anywhere from 122 to as many as 700 deaths directly related to the earthquake, and many buildings, bridges and highways have been destroyed. Quick loans to rebuild are needed.

Chile quake 2010 not as bad as Haiti? Think economically

According to NPR, the devastation level in Haiti was somewhat greater because Haiti is much less prosperous financially (80 percent of people in poverty versus 18 percent in Chile). However, we should not take away from the tragedy the people of Chile are now facing. Lives has been lost, lives have been upended and the people in need of relief. Tsunamis from the 8.8-magnitude Chile earthquake have hit as far away as Hawaii and French Polynesia, so these island nations must brace for the onslaught and prepare for recovery.

Speaking of economics – and game show contestants

A Reuters report indicates that the price of copper has dropped dramatically. This comes as a direct result of the Chile quake 2010. Tsunami of a different kind has hit this market, as Chile is one of the world’s primary copper producers. That isn’t exactly why former “American Idol” contestant Elliott Yamin was in Chile – he was there for a music festival in Vina del Mar – but the economic impact in disrupted copper mining and hastily ended music festivals certainly won’t help Chile.

You can help Chile after quake 2010

If you have the financial ability to contribute to what will surely be another massive recovery effort following this Chile quake 2010 (with tsunamis), NPR suggests a few outlets that can put your instant money and goods to good use.

Help the people pick up the pieces after Chile quake 2010. A tsunami is just an after-effect, albeit a devastating one. The epicenter of destruction is filled with people in need of aid.

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