How to check IRS refund status

Checking IRS refund status is easy

IRS refund status

Getting a refund? Lucky you! Image from Flickr.

If it has been more than 72 hours since you electronically filed your taxes, it’s easy to check your IRS refund status. First, make sure you know the exact amount of your refund. Don’t round up or down! Also, have your social security number handy. You’ll also need to provide your filing status: single, married, etc.

If you filed your taxes by mail, it may take up to four weeks before your IRS refund status is available. Once you are armed with your info, you have two choices. You can call the IRS refund status hotline at 800–829–1954. The second option is to check your IRS refund status online. Who knows, you might be getting your cash today.

Checking IRS refund status online

Do you know your social security number? Do you have the exact amount of your refund handy? Then you are ready to go to the IRS web site and check your IRS refund status. WARNING: Make sure you check the browser address bar and make sure you are at the IRS web site, which is a .gov site. There are scammers out there who want to steal your info!

Once you click the link above, fill out the short form, click submit, and voila! It will tell you the exact date when you’ll receive your money. This works beautifully if you have filed your tax return more than three days ago, but less that eight weeks ago.

What if it has been eight weeks?

If you electronically filed your tax return, you can check its status after 72 hours. However, if you mailed your tax documents, you may need to wait up to four weeks until your IRS refund status is available online.

If more than eight weeks pass and you haven’t received your tax refund, you should call customer service at 800-829-1040. If you’re out of the country, the number isl 215-516-2000.

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