Change Your Personality By Controlling Self-Talk

Be who you “want” to be and not who you “think” you are!

David Johnston

David Johnston of Spokane Washington

I have one daughter, two step sons and a beautiful wife. I do my best to live life with an open mind and a positive attitude. Reality is perception, some say, and I tend to agree.

In the past I have had to rely on installment loans and short term loans to get my family through rough times financially. I grew up rough and went through a very trying childhood and young adulthood. I was able to completely change who I am and you may want to know how, so here goes.

My Philosophy

I have a philosophy I would like to share with everyone. It is something true to me because I put it in action and changed my personality. Anyone can use it. It’s easy to do as long as you are consistent.

So many people in this world are miserable because they feel “that is just who I am.” They observe themselves and come to a conclusion that they can’t “help it,” that they are the way they are. That is simply not true.

Personality Formula

Who you are is made up of experiences over time but mainly your personality is comprised of a pattern of self talk. Here is a list of factors that determine who you are:

  • Your thoughts become self-talk habits.
  • What you normally tell yourself about something becomes how you feel about that something.
  • How you feel about something determines what you do about something or how you behave.
  • Then you observe yourself and average it all out and come to conclusions about who you are.
  • Who you think you are usually determines who you will be in the future.

The Key To Self Alteration

So the key to altering your own personality is to control your self-talk. It won’t be easy at first because all the other factors will fight you because they are ingrained patterns stored in your subconscious mind. Keep the positive self talk up and make it a habit and you will slowly start changing how you feel about things and of course that will change how you act. Once you do this for a long enough period of time, your observation of yourself will reveal that you have become a different person.

Choose who you “become” and don’t be a victim of who you think you “were!”

Many people are struggling in this economy. It is very difficult to let go of who people think they used to be. Most don’t even have a clue as to how they got where they think they were in the first place. A booming economy makes it easy for many to prosper without really knowing how and why. Many people are now depressed and down on themselves because of layoffs and other problems with today’s economy.

Make a Better Life Without Waiting

Being that you now know that if you are constantly beating yourself up because you are no longer who you used to be, you can do something about it. Likely your self-perception in the past was inaccurate to begin with.

STOP worrying about the past and start making your life better today by controlling your self-talk. Many people are relying on payday loans and cash advances to get by like I have. You can improve your financial prosperity by making sure you set the right patterns of thinking or self-talk starting today.

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