Centerville Pie Company Newest Beneficiary of the Oprah Effect

TV queen confirms Cape Cod pie purchase

What this woman says can transform a business from rags to riches.

What this woman says can transform a business from rags to riches.

It looks like the Centerville Pie Company will be the next business to receive the flood of business – and profits – that comes with being associated with Oprah. Apparently, Oprah didn’t even mention the Centerville Pie Company on her show. She simply confirmed for a small newspaper, the Cape Cod Times, that she had indeed ordered and purchased several pies from the Massachusetts bakery while she was in Cape Cod.
CNBC recently aired an entire hourlong special called “The Oprah Effect.” It’s undeniable that Oprah has a wide and very responsive audience. Even this web site, which helps people find the cheapest personal loans, has seen traffic greatly increase when Oprah-related topics were posted. The CNBC web site explains why the company created the show:

Everybody knows her. She’s the queen of talk, a cultural and financial icon and her impact on business is worth billions. Oprah Winfrey is the most influential woman in America-maybe the world. And, experts call her unprecedented ability to take companies from no names to brand names-The Oprah Effect.

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Apparently even acquaintances of Oprah can spread the Oprah effect second-hand. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Pie company owner Kristin Broadley said she delivered a chicken pot pie to Winfrey’s traveling party last week, then followed with two more orders. Broadley says she delivered a total of 20 pies, including chicken, custard and banana cream, to Winfrey’s crew.

Broadley says a mention of the pies on Winfrey friend Gayle King’s radio show has sparked a flood of orders for her company.

So Oprah doesn’t even need to endorse or recommend a product or company. She just has to be associated with it in some way. Clearly, she did like the products she got from the Centerville Pie Company or else she wouldn’t have ordered 20 pies, so even though she never came out and said she liked the Centerville Pie Company, the business is profiting because of her.

More about ‘The Oprah Effect’

CNBC says its TV documentary “The Oprah Effect” studies individual businesses “to explain Oprah’s unparalleled impact on their bottom line.” The show also studies the process of getting a mention on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which clearly is worth a whole lot of money to a whole lot of companies.

“Businesses large and small know that there’s no better advertising than the power of Oprah. If you’re lucky enough to create a product she loves, a brief mention by the queen of influence can make you a millionaire,” says.

According to “The Oprah Effect,” one word from Oprah can bring companies back from bankruptcy or out of obscurity. The Oprah effect works, somewhat, in reverse to. As I said before, when Personal Money Store has posted articles about Oprah before it has attracted a lot more readers than normal. “The Oprah Effect” tells the story of a woman who is “living life according to Oprah” and blogging about it. Because the blog, one of countless blogs out there, is focused on Oprah, it has quickly gained a huge readership. Today, the Centerville Pie Company is one of the hottest topics on the Internet, further proving the power of the Oprah effect.

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