Cell phone radiation increases brain cell activity in new study

cell phone brain cell study

A new study found that cell phone radiation artificially elevates glucose metabolism in brain cells. Image: CC Elvert Barnes

Cell phone radiation increases brain cell activity, according to a new study. The study found an increase in brain cell metabolism in regions of the brain closest to the cell phone antenna. Researchers confirmed that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones has an effect on brain cells but don’t yet know whether the effects are harmful.

The cell phone brain cell study

The first study undertaken to examining how electromagnetic radiation from cell phones affects brain cells was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday. The study focused on how cell phone use affects normal brain cell function, known as glucose metabolism. Researchers found that exposure to cell phones increases the rate of glucose metabolism in brain cells more than they expected. Brain activity is a result of cells using glucose to create energy. Brain cells normally produce glucose as needed. The study suggests that cell phone use stimulates glucose metabolism artificially, but further investigation is required to determine whether elevated levels of glucose metabolism damage brain cells.

Cell phones and brain cancer

Cell phone radiation from frequent calling has concerned medical experts for years. The results of previous tests have been inconclusive. The most famous cell phone radiation studies have been reported to establish a link with brain cancer. However, the research has been unable to prove that the brain cancer in cell phone users was actually caused by cell phone radiation. Scientists have tried to establish that cell phone radiation may cause DNA mutations or other changes in brain cells that result in cancer or dementia. The effect of cell phones on children’s brains has been a particular concern because children have thinner skulls, the radiation penetrates deeper and their brain cells metabolize glucose faster.

Researchers suggest using the speakerphone

In a statement responding to the cell phone brain cell study, the Wireless Association said scientific evidence proves that cell phones, used within limits established by the FCC, do not pose a public health risk. Authors of the study suggested that until more is known about the effects of cell phone radiation on brain cells, people should use the speaker phone function or a Bluetooth earpiece as often as possible.




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