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Acela Express

Only existing high speed rail in America already successful

Part of the stimulus packages suggested by President Obama for further growth of the economy and modernization of America is high speed rail. It is controversial in some circles, and conservatives are outraged. However, the existing high speed rail in America is already a fantastic success. Rage at the dying of the no high speed
hubble telescope images

Hubble Telescope astronomers travel back 13 billion years in time

For 20 years, the Hubble Telescope has held human beings in awe, presenting the wonders of the universe in stunning detail. Recent Hubble discoveries include an ancient galaxy 13 billion light years away and observation of an asteroid collision and its aftermath. The replacement for Hubble, expected to function until 2014, is the James Webb
mammoth clone

Baby woolly mammoth clone expected to arrive within six years

A woolly mammoth clone could be born within six years if an international team of scientists reaches its goal. The scientists will attempt to grow a mammoth clone with cells taken from the carcass of a baby mammoth found preserved in Russian permafrost. Previous attempts to clone a mammoth have failed, but researchers are betting
planet tyche

Giant planet dubbed Tyche could be sending comets our way

An undiscovered planet orbiting the sun unseen in deep space may be revealed by a new NASA telescope. The behavior of comets and a recently discovered dwarf planet have led astronomers to believe that a huge undiscovered planet may exist. A pair of astrophysicists are hoping that data from NASA’s WISE infrared telescope offers proof
Stock photo close-up of fingers texting with a mobile device.

Next Generation 911 brings needed update to 911 system

According to the Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States, texting is a more popular means of communication than telephone calling by a wide margin. The popularity of texting over voice, while considered impersonal by some, has forced business and government to keep pace. CNN reports that soon, people will be able to send
Lunar eclipse

Winter Solstice 2010 | Full moon and eclipse welcome back the sun

Winter Solstice 2010, Dec. 21, is the shortest day of the year. The 2010 Winter Solstice comes with a double dose of astrological significance. There is both a full moon and a full eclipse on during this year’s solstice. Significance of Winter Solstice 2010 Winter Solstice 2010 is an important day for a variety of
Wedding cake topper of two men in tuxedos. It was designed for a same-sex wedding.

E-marriage: Marriage by proxy for same-sex couples

The laws pertaining to gay marriage in most states do not currently favor same-sex couples. Yet through technology, some same-sex couples have found a way to navigate around what many consider to be unjust laws, reports Time. For instance, one same-sex couple in Texas recently tied the knot via the online communication service Skype, in
A cell phone with the MasterCard logo on screen.

Smartphone pay has credit, debit cards wobbling on the ropes

Banks and credit card companies have made a great deal of money off consumers who have depended upon them for both impulse and emergency purchases via short term credit. However, there may soon be a way for consumers to escape the wheel of revolving interest debt if AT&T and Verizon Wireless have their way. According
Photo of Mt. Everest

Climbers on Mount Everest get 3G service on the summit

Mount Everest is now the world’s highest hotspot after a Swedish telecommunications company announced the launch of 3G service in Nepal. The chief executive of Ncell, a subsidiary of TeliaSonera, said the highest video call ever was made from the Mount Everest base camp Friday. The Nepal 3G network will allow climbers mobile Internet from
Motorola Droid Pro

Droid Pro | The missing link of smartphones

Scientists have long been seeking the “missing link” — and it has been found, at least in the Droid Pro. With the operating system of a Droid, and the form and function of a Blackberry, the Droid Pro is making waves. Specifically designed for businesses, Droid Pro has been called the the “killer” of RIM’s
diet of ancient humans

Evidence of 9,400-year-old domesticated dog found by grad student

Evidence of a 9,400-year-old dog domesticated by prehistoric North Americans has been found by graduate student. However, the 9,400-year-old dog wasn’t exactly man’s best friend. The pooch was identified by a bone fragment found in a petrified piece of human dung. Carbon dating, DNA analysis confirm 9,400-year-old dog The 9,400-year-old dog was identified by Samuel
chinese rare earth monopoly

U.S. rare earth metals mine reopens to combat Chinese monopoly

A major rare earth metals mine in the U.S. will resume operations in 2011. Molycorp closed the California rare earth metals mine in 2004 because it couldn’t compete with Chinese suppliers. But now China is restricting exports and the cost of strategic metals are soaring. The Molycorp Mountain Pass mine A dormant mine in Mountain
nuclear fusion

Alleged cold fusion reactor demonstrated by Italian scientists

Cold fusion, the holy grail of physics, promises a virtually unlimited supply of clean energy. Cold fusion is a nuclear reaction that is considered a myth by the contemporary physics establishment. Undaunted, Italian researchers have announced that cold fusion is real and ready for the energy market. Cold fusion defies known laws of physics Cold
graphene, being two-dimensional material doesn't look like this

Graphene discovery earns Russian pair 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Graphene is the thinnest, strongest material known to man that conducts electricity and heat better than any other substance. The discovery of graphene earned the $1.4 million 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for two Russian physicists conducting research in England. Experiments are being conducted by scientists around the world to determine practical graphene applications that
body browser makes grays anatomy obsolete

Google Body Browser peels back layers to show what lies beneath

The “body browser,” is the latest product from Google that gives users a detailed lesson in human anatomy. Google Body Browser peels back layers of skin, muscle and tissue to reveal what lies beneath. Anyone with a computer and a compatible browser can use Google Body to gain 3-D insight into their own internal condition.
vaccine linked to childhood autism

Andrew Wakefield labeled a fraud for linking vaccines to autism

Dr. Andrew Wakefield emerged from obscurity in 1998 with an article about research that implicated vaccines as a trigger for childhood autism. His research was embraced by the anti-vaccination movement and popularized by former MTV personality Jenny McCarthy. But scientists were skeptical from the start. The article was eventually discredited, Wakefield lost his license, and
GMO treatment on a corn.

Genetically modified organisms: How safe are GMO-produced goods?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are organisms that are DNA-altered in order to include an additional gene, or genes, from another organism to give that altered organism a desired characteristic. Some of the many different modified plants include genetically altered corn, soybeans, tomatoes, rice, potatoes and wheat, to name a few. Not surprisingly, GMOs are