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Know your credit score, and take steps to raise the number

To improve your credit score, nothing works better than paying off your credit cards and taking them out of your wallet. Knowing your credit score is the most basic fundamental of credit repair. But it’s even more important to know what affects  your credit score. And even more important than that is knowing what you

Fast Money is Available to Help Domestic Violence Victims

Online loans offer help for victims of domestic violence Help for domestic violence may call for a cash advance or a short-term loan. If so, online loans exist to help victims access emergency cash almost immediately. Although this is only a small part of the domestic violence resources readily available to help people flee violent

Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2009

The Next Best Thing Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But do you know what the next best thing that comes after Thanksgiving is? That’s right, it’s Black Friday! It’s the biggest shopping day of the year! Black Friday is the day to go out and buy the things you have always wanted but couldn’t

Bargain shoppers beware when it comes to close-out autos

Auto makers trim their line-ups The auto sector is experiencing continuing tough economic conditions. The auto industry will have to emerge from the other side of this recession with a new look; a look that will be forever changed. The way autos are made and sold will never be the way it was. In reaction

How to Invest Your 401(k) Dollars

There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio Despite the claims made by financial advisors and planners, in reality there is no real possibility of having the perfect portfolio that performs to your expectations. Most portfolio planning today uses some variation of the mean-variance optimization process invented by Harry Markowitz, and though this system
get rid of credit card debt with a personal loan

Using a personal loan for credit card debt could be a good move

If you need credit card debt relief, pay no attention to the ads on the Internet or late-night TV. The best way to get rid of credit card debt is to do it yourself, perhaps with a personal loan. Take independent action to boost your credit score faster so you can save money on future
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Demand that debt collectors verify your debt before paying

If you’re drowning in debt and need major credit repair, don’t automatically assume that debt collectors have your best interests at heart. Their job is to get paid, and the truth is that sometimes, unscrupulous techniques are used that can be illegal. Before agreeing to a payment plan or even filing for bankruptcy, demand that

What Factors Determine Your Credit Rating?

Why is it important to know how your credit score is calculated? The primary reason to know and understand how your credit rating is calculated is to help you learn what actions to take or avoid in order to keep your rating as high as possible. If your credit rating is low, understanding how the

Correcting Errors on Your Credit Report

Your Credit Score Really Does Matter Your credit score – those three, little, seemingly insignificant numbers – has a major impact on your life. Not only does it determine the interest rates you pay on loans or credit cards, more and more companies are using your credit score to grant or deny other amenities, like
Couples looking to installment loans to help pay for their wedding should find ways to benefit from a qualified, committed wedding planner like the one pictured here, standing in front of the bride.

Engaged couples look for installment loans for wedding planners

Engaged couples are looking to installment loans to pay their wedding planners. The new wave of weddings means bigger and grander affairs. Many grand affairs need one central professional to envision, plan and orchestrate them. The wedding planner The wedding industry is a $120 billion industry, with the average wedding costing $27,000. Although wedding planners

5 tips for Buying Spokane Land

Buying Property: Land Buying Tips Buying your own piece of land to build your family home on is a dream for many. When considering the purchase of Spokane land, there are many factors to take into account. Here are the top 5 things you should consider: 1. Location The old adage of real estate is

Bump Up Your Credit Score

To get the best deal on a loan today, you need better credit than ever before We’re in the middle of a credit crunch, and getting an installment loan – whether it’s an auto loan, a home loan, or a personal loan – requires better credit than ever before. Creditors have their guards up and
For many retirees these days, the golden years aren't too golden (Photo:

Do Retirement Annuities Really Make Sense?

The golden years A retired couple sells the farm and moves to town to enjoy an easier life. They plan to travel and spend their golden years doing what they love. But as fate would have it, the husband dies a month after they buy the house in town. The retirement annuity A few days

Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans

Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans What Suze Orman Says About Payday Loans On her website, Suze Orman’s thoughts about payday loans are clearly expressed. Understanding that most people find this option a lifesaver when they are in dire straits, as part of her Get Out of Debt Special web section, Suze Orman admits that
Credit card fraud is a problem that can be avoided with a little vigilance. If you need emergency cash loans, get started at Personal Money Store.

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report

Credit Fraud Runs Rampant Even under the most watchful eye, your identity can be stolen very quickly. In fact, according to the 2008 Internet Crime Report published by the federal government, total loss from all types of fraud was $264.6 million, up from $239.1 million in 2007. What is going on? In this age of

Debit Cards offer quick cash access but at a price

The debit card option For consumers with bad credit, getting quick cash access from debit cards is a priceless advantage. Credit lenders are stricter these days. After having faced the lending crash of the recession, many lenders are closing their doors to even moderate-level scorers. That leaves few options for people with bad credit and
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Beware phantom debt pains from charge-offs

Maintaining good credit can be challenging, particularly after a life-altering event like job loss. Understand that if a creditor throws in the towel and charges off one of your debts, that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. It’s quite possible that you will still be liable for that bad debt – even after it