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Divorce Can Complicate Unsecured Loans, Savings and Investments

Divorce and your finances Divorce can seriously complicate finances like unsecured loans, savings and investments. If divorce is in your imminent future there are some things to begin thinking through. First of all, set some post-divorce financial goals. You want to stay focused on where you want your retirement savings to be, how much money
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Managing Social Security can have Great Benefits

Managing Social Security can have Great Benefits Current Perceptions can hurt Many Americans are convinced that Social Security will disappear in the near future. There is really no solid proof one way or the other as to the fate of the Social Security system. The perception, however, causes people to either neglect learning about or
This debt relief has a sting to it? Try $39 million for a gallon of scorpion venom!

Debt Relief | It’s Not About Picking Your Poison

Get Active After Those Carbs! So if you’ll recall from last time, you’d chugged a gallon of eggs. Now you simply must maintain your figure and do the dirty work. Latex house paint goes for $16.50 per gallon, and you’ve been putting that off for too long, haven’t you? When you’re done, why not clean
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Financing Moving Expenses

Moving is expensive! If you have ever moved before, then you know that it can be a financially draining experience and extra quick cash can save the day. Having just gone through this myself, I learned that as careful as I was about the expenses I would incur, there were surprises I did not expect,
Do mortgage brokers profit excessively from yield spread premium charges? Will borrowers ever discover credit repair?

Subprime Mortgage Study Exposes Yield Spread Premium Money Trap

Collegiate Study Analyzes Mortgage Broker Profits The subprime mortgage crisis helped make a mess of America’s economy, to the point where credit repair has become a questionably attainable goal at best. The path toward more house than Joe Consumer can handle financially was paved by upside down transactions with mortgage brokers. When compared with direct
Start planning for retirement early.

Seniors Using Installment Loans to Get Through Retirement

Bad planning is hurting retirees A new study showed that older Americans are using installment loans to make ends meet. The retirement age of 65 is not a reality for a large group of citizens. Bad planning is the number one reason retirement plans don’t work. Next is failing to plan for emergency expenses and
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Be the One Who Snares the Slippery Green Stuff

Be Fishers of Green It runs through our lives like the glacial rivers transverse the valleys in the northern hemisphere. It has a presence of its own, and in one way or another it is as old as time itself. It fights its way through nationalities and economies like the salmon fight their way up

What Consumers Should Do if Their Credit Limits are Cut

Limits on credit cards cut being cut Studies done by Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group, are showing that almost one in five consumers have had limits on their credit cards cut. Almost 20 percent of these customers are showing they have nearly maxed out their cards as a result. Experts are predicting that limiting
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Free & Effective Online Book Marketing: Get Traffic & Cash Today

Get Cash Today! Create an Author Web Site and Begin to Market After you have penned your latest manuscript, edited it and polished it, you might say, “I want my book to bring in cash today!” But first, you should create an author Web site with your book cover, blurb and an excerpt. You want
Stop playing tug-of-war with your credit card company.

Debt Consolidation Is Not for Everyone

Let’s keep it real You are overwhelmed with debt. You have eight credit cards that are all maxed out. Making the minimum payments is causing much financial stress, and you are not making any headway on getting out of debt. What can you do? Get help, get debt counseling, find someone who can help you
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Investment Banking: The Power behind the Scene

Behind the plush image When you think of an investment bank, the image that probably comes to mind first is a well-dressed banker sitting in a plush office on the top floor of a skyscraper. He or she leisurely sorts through a stack of papers on the desk, or takes an important phone call, and
John Herbert Dillinger was an Midwestern American bank robber in the early 1930s

Are Internet Bank Accounts Safe?

Internet banking offers benefits to customers and banks The rapid rise of internet banking has been a key feature of the financial world over the last decade and a half. There are now banks that only operate online, and traditional brick and mortar banks have websites that allow customers to access information on their accounts
Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, but Be Careful

Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, But Be Careful

The mortgage market Many people are looking for mortgages to aid them with credit repair. The recession has left finances disheveled, and people are trying to find ways to regroup. Although recent crackdowns on mortgage lending have been put into place by the government, there are still some unscrupulous lenders trying to find their way
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Common-Sense Retirement Investing

Create the life you desire In this last article of the retirement series, you will learn how to create a sustainable lifetime income without having to resort to annuities or credit cards. You desire to live well and maintain your standard of living in your retirement years, but you do not know how to do
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Get Installment Loans for Bad Credit Quickly and Easily

Start Your Application For Up To $1,000 Below Bad credit is easy to come by A lot of different people can use installment loans for bad credit. Many people from many different backgrounds have bad credit. I know many people who have bad credit because of medical bills or other large expenses that came to
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Repair Your Credit Score in 6 Weeks or Less

Credit Correction: Legally Correct a Bad Credit Report and Repair Your Score in 6 Weeks or Less Complete video course on how to correct bad credit. You will learn: how to identify mistakes, tricks to increase your score quickly, how to contact the major credit agencies, what the scores mean, what is a desirable score,