Credit Tips
Use Credit wisely. Here are some tips and tricks related to credit.
Credit cards are an important part of consumer finance. Understand them well! (Photo:

To Manage Finances, Consumers Must Understand Credit Cards

Learn to Manage Credit Cards Consumers are suffering financially due to the recession and need to know how to manage their credit cards, savings and investment accounts. In today’s society, credit cards are a staple. Their convenience and many uses make them one of the easiest ways of purchasing items. Unfortunately, they are also a

5 easy credit repair tricks to help you borrow money successfully

Your Credit Score The contents of your credit report can make or break your next loa form and your ability to borrow money. A good FICO score is the key to success. However, if your credit has taken a beating in recent times, you will have to do a little dusting off. The good news

Your Credit | Establish, Protect and Improve

We all know that we need good credit. You need it to get a house or a new car; some companies even do credit checks before hiring. What is credit, though? How do you get it and keep it in good standing? Credit is essentially borrowing money from a lender, with an outlined payback plan
As you can see, class, credit scores are thus completely confusing

Credit Scores: Understanding a New Math

Understanding your credit score is confusing but worth the effort Some numbers matter more than others in life. Your cholesterol count, your wedding anniversary date, and your credit score: These are numbers that matter. They may not matter in that particular order, but they are the kinds of numbers that can have significant impacts on

Bad Credit Loans, How to Get One

How to get a bad credit loan The loan industry is one of the largest financial marketplaces in the world today. Spending largely drives the economy and many consumers need loans to do their fair share of the spending. An unfortunate by-product of the loan industry is that many consumers and borrowers fail to repay

Experian adding renter history to credit scores calculations

Credit score bureau Experian is now including renter history in its formula for adding up credit scores. Previously, only negative marks on a renter’s history, like evictions from non-payment, were added. Now positive marks will be added. Pay the rent on time and do some credit repair Credit bureaus typically do not factor renter’s history

Know your credit score, and take steps to raise the number

To improve your credit score, nothing works better than paying off your credit cards and taking them out of your wallet. Knowing your credit score is the most basic fundamental of credit repair. But it’s even more important to know what affects  your credit score. And even more important than that is knowing what you
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Demand that debt collectors verify your debt before paying

If you’re drowning in debt and need major credit repair, don’t automatically assume that debt collectors have your best interests at heart. Their job is to get paid, and the truth is that sometimes, unscrupulous techniques are used that can be illegal. Before agreeing to a payment plan or even filing for bankruptcy, demand that

What Factors Determine Your Credit Rating?

Why is it important to know how your credit score is calculated? The primary reason to know and understand how your credit rating is calculated is to help you learn what actions to take or avoid in order to keep your rating as high as possible. If your credit rating is low, understanding how the

Bump Up Your Credit Score

To get the best deal on a loan today, you need better credit than ever before We’re in the middle of a credit crunch, and getting an installment loan – whether it’s an auto loan, a home loan, or a personal loan – requires better credit than ever before. Creditors have their guards up and

Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans

Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans What Suze Orman Says About Payday Loans On her website, Suze Orman’s thoughts about payday loans are clearly expressed. Understanding that most people find this option a lifesaver when they are in dire straits, as part of her Get Out of Debt Special web section, Suze Orman admits that
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Beware phantom debt pains from charge-offs

Maintaining good credit can be challenging, particularly after a life-altering event like job loss. Understand that if a creditor throws in the towel and charges off one of your debts, that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. It’s quite possible that you will still be liable for that bad debt – even after it
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Understanding the down side of avoiding credit

Many consumers looking to establish a credit history are denied credit because they don’t have enough credit to begin with. Even if a person has an excellent FICO score, it’s still possible to be denied something as weighty as a mortgage because the credit report reads more like a leaflet than a book. Avoid being
Monitor Your FICO Score with Score Watch

Equifax Score Watch | Know When Your Score Changes

Your credit score is important There are many reasons why it pays to be aware of your FICO® credit score. If you’re looking to finance a home, education or automobile, you’ll want to know what your FICO® score is ahead of time. The same holds true when you request a credit card. If you monitor
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Beware the new IRS e-mail phishing scam, taxpayers

Each tax season, unscrupulous individuals come out of the cyber-woodwork to prey on unsuspecting taxpayers. Unfortunately, 2011 tax time is no different. According to the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, a new IRS e-mail scam is circulating that can infect your computer with malware and viruses and even place your sensitive financial data in the hands of identity
Even if you have bad credit, payday loans are available to help you in your budget's dark hours. (Photo:

Payday Loans for People with Bad Credit

With Bad Credit, Are Payday Loans Still Available? This is the question that many people with bad credit may be wondering about right now. While we know that getting any type of a loan from the mainstream banks and lending institutions is next to impossible in this situation, there are other companies that can help.
Don't let the stormy economy wash away your credit.

Can Payday Loans Protect Your Credit History?

Economic crisis Payday loans could save you from the horrible economic environment that we currently live in. The economic crisis is affecting every single one of us, including many major businesses. Many people, maybe even yourself, are seeking a loan near you. It was once thought impossible for high-end shops and even banks to get