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Payday Loans are not all equal. Find out what you should know before giving out your personal info when applying for a payday loan.
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New York payday loans

If you live in the Big Apple, you already know how expensive apartment rent can be. You also know that the cost of living itself is very high. How, then, can you ease your monthly expenses while living in New York? Get a payday loan! Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about the people in the
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An online payday advance helped pay off my vet bill

I had only budgeted $250 for the trip to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, the bill came to $500. I have an ongoing battle with my bank because of its exorbitant overdraft fees and knew that wasn’t going to be an option for me. I could never figure out if they would pay the check and charge
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Colorado Payday Loans

Looking for Colorado payday loans? Then you have come to the right place. We have loans specifically designed for those who live in Colorado and are in need of quick, short-term financing. Whether you live in Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs, we here at the Personal Money Store will help find you a loan that
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Online payday loans in the middle of nowhere

Online payday loans made my short-term money troubles go extinct. In this unpredictable journey called “my life,” I am constantly being thrown unexpected financial curve balls. When I decided to take my younger brother on a road trip to see the Dinosaur National Monument in our home state of Colorado, we ended up needing a
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What are payday loans?

When you need quick cash to meet short-term financial needs and your next paycheck won’t come in time, payday loans are a sensible, discrete option. Dispersed in amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000, these consumer loan products are a highly convenient way to get your hands on the necessary funds during one of life’s little
Fannie Mae

Federal agency investigating Freddie and Fannie investments

This morning, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that it will be investigating the investments of mortgage companies Freddie and Fannie. The subpoenas issued cover files on the secured loans and bank loan information used in securities purchased by the companies. The FHFA believes that some of the liability for these securities may be with
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Short term or installment loan: Help for your financial emergency

A short term loan or installment loan gives you an advance on your paycheck and helps you cover expenses till your next payday. Let’s face it; we’ve all needed a little financial help at one time or another. And requesting a payday loan can give you quick and easy access to the funds you need
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Payday loans online are still the best quick cash option

In today’s tight credit market, payday loans, installment loans and other forms of affordable short-term credit have become an important financial alternative. That fact isn’t going to change anytime soon. Yet while people need it more, short-term credit is under assault by politicians — even as banks bankrolling their campaigns refuse to come up with
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Easy online payday loans

Getting easy online payday loans is very simple to do. The important thing you should be aware of is whether the company you are working with is reputable and is an agency you can trust. Below you will learn just how easy it is to get this loan. Easy online payday loans requirements 18 years

Fastbucks and New Mexico Attorney General in legal scuffle

In New Mexico, the lawsuits are flying between the Attorney General and loan company Fastbucks. Attorney General Gary King filed a lawsuit against Fastbucks last year. Fastbucks has counter sued. At issue? New regulations on payday lending that Fastbucks successfully fought in court in 2006. The original lawsuit against Fastbucks The lawsuit that started this
An opaque plastic piggy bank filled with a $100 bill. Canada's Cash Store payday lender has seen similar positive returns on its investment in payday cash loans.

Cash Store weathers trials, continues to serve public

Payday loan companies like Cash Store have faced a great deal of legal opposition in their quest to provide payday cash loans for consumers. Much of the flak has come from consumer interest groups with lobbyist connections to elected officials. They claim to represent the best interests of consumers in their opposition to such outlets
Find a remedy to your urgent care bill with some fast cash today.

fast cash can remedy your urgent care bill

There are many medical services that you can receive at an urgent care clinic to avoid the hassle and cost of a hospital visit, but there are times when urgent care costs are also high and you could use a good dose of fast cash to ease the pain of that pricey clinic bill. This
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Advanced payday loans

Do you need cash advanced to you from a payday loan company? Have you done the necessary research to understand what the benefits in getting such a loan are? Below are things you should consider before you decide to go ahead with the process. This article also covers the benefits of requesting this loan. What
Request no faxing payday loans today right from your computer.

The benefits of no faxing payday loans online

Are you currently in a situation that requires immediate financial help? Does the problem require you come up with a fast, temporary solution before the end result spells catastrophe? If so, request no faxing payday loans today. You can easily get started from the comfort and convenience of your home, online or over the phone.
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Illinois tries to curb payday lending and wage theft

Illinois has passed recent legislation that will further restrict payday lending, in the midst of a broad package of state legislation aimed at shoring up the state’s looming budget shortfall. A provision was also passed that aims to make it easier for workers who had their wages stolen by dishonest employers to reclaim what they’re
A Minnow

Putting payday lenders in Wall Street reform: chasing small fish

Part of the Wall Street reform legislation is provisions governing the practices of payday lenders. An amendment to the recently passed Senate version of the bill, introduced by Senator Kay Hagan (D – NC) would limit any and all consumers to no more than six loans per year and limit interest to 36 percent interest,

New Wisconsin payday lending law | Still not signed

In April of this year, Wisconsin lawmakers passed the first-ever set of payday loan laws for Wisconsin state. The combined regulations, passed by both houses, are set to become law soon. There is one hitch, however. Governor Doyle has yet to sign the bill. What do the new Wisconsin payday lending regulations include, and will