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Scammers target payday loan customers

Many of us in this tight economy are living from paycheck to paycheck. Payday loans can be a resource for people living close to their means when unforeseen expenses occur. Scammers, however, are preying on these already financially stressed people with threatening phone calls, trying to bully them into paying non-existent debts. Lenders bound by

Reno’s mishandling of short term loans going uninvestigated

The city of Reno, Nevada, has found itself in a tough position. The city mishandled short-term loans that were supposed to be paid back in one year. The city’s failure to understand the terms, however, means these loans will be stretched out over 10 years. Reno’s short-term loans The state of Nevada provided more than
seeing through a payday loan debt collection scammer

Be on the lookout for payday loan debt collection scams

A payday loan debt collection scam has been victimizing consumers in Illinois. Con artists posing as debt collectors have somehow obtained the phone numbers and personal data of current and former payday loan borrowers. Reaching their targets on the phone, the fraudulent payday loan collectors use scare tactics such as bullying and the threat of
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Consumers should watch for payday loan collection scams

Though any form of credit, from mortgages to payday loans, carries some risks and responsibilities, those risks do not include putting up with illegal activity. Unscrupulous people are trying all sorts of methods, including payday loan collection scams, to try to bilk people out of money. Arkansas Attorney General sues Kansas firm for illegal collections
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Six payday loan companies charged with financial fraud

This morning, the Federal Trade Commission filed a fraud lawsuit against a group of several individuals and companies. The FTC says these companies and individuals defrauded customers seeking payday loans. These companies allegedly charged customers for products they did not want or choose. Alleged violations of FTC Act A group of companies headed by Michael
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Payday loan collection scam victims at risk of identity theft

The federal Internet Crime Complaint Center is tracking a new payday loan scam. The scammers claim to be collecting for an overdue payday loan. This scam appears to be targeting both former customers of short term loans as well as individuals who have never taken out a loan. Payday loan collection scam The basics of