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average gas prices

Recent spike in gas prices the beginning of a long-term trend

Consumers can expect to pay higher gasoline prices in 2011 for a number of reasons. Global economic recovery and a falling U.S. dollar have sent crude oil futures past $90 a barrel in the past few weeks. Gas prices in many states in the U.S. average more than $3 a gallon, and energy analysts expect
A scene from the Egypt riots of 2011. Police and civilians clash. One man is forcefully carried above the wave of chaos.

Amid chaos, U.S. citizens urged to evacuate Egypt immediately

The U.S. State Department has warned U.S. tourists and expatriates that they need to get out of Egypt now. The Associated Press reports that the State Department has secured chartered planes to get U.S. citizens out, but efforts to inform everyone of the Egypt evacuation have been only semi-successful because of the Egyptian government’s Internet
Penn Station

MTA in NYC, NJ Transit and LIRR snowfall disruptions

In the Northeast, huge snowfall totals are snarling business and traffic across multiple states. The website for the New York City MTA, which manages transit in and around New York City, has been practically shut down. New Jersey transit is trying to keep major routes online. The Long Island Rail Road, LIRR, is mostly offline,
Royal caribbean cruise

Passengers aboard Brilliance of the Seas horrified by big storm

The Brilliance of the Seas, a Royal Carribean cruise ship, was caught in a surprise storm off the coast of Egypt over the weekend. Heavy seas and high winds damaged the ship and injured 30 passengers. The entire Middle East was battered by the storm, which sunk a cargo ship and forced Israeli airports and
Flight attendant

British Airways strike | Walkout scheduled in one week

Though negotiations have been ongoing, the labor union of British Airways employees has scheduled a British Airways strike to begin next week. The union is asking for more concessions on air travel perks and employment. British Airways is asking for the union to accept cost-cutting measures. Either way, British Airways will need cash advance loans
airline baggage

Little extras equal billions for airlines

The baggage fees and the other little extras charged by modern airlines can be expensive and annoying for the traveler. But they are gravy for the airlines. A new report suggests they add up to billions for the industry. New report adds up the extras A newly released report, the Amadeus Review of Ancillary Revenue
A photo of the interior of Denver International Airport - DIA

Denver International Airport | delays and new security procedures

Spring Equinox 2010 may be on its way, but at Denver International Airport, spring is the furthest thing from most people’s minds. Denver International airport recently celebrated its 15th birthday, and its marking the 15th year of operations with delays and new security procedures – not exactly what every airline passenger who had to use
carnival spendor fire sets vessel adrift

Carnival Splendor fire sets cruise ship adrift off Baja, Calif.

An engine room fire aboard the Carnival Splendor set the cruise ship adrift 55 miles off the coast of Baja California Monday. The Carnival Splendor fire knocked out power to the ship and left it dead in the water without working toilets, air conditioning, hot food or telephone service. The U.S. Coast Guard and the

Delta Air Lines reduces services to Japan as fuel prices rise

Delta Air Lines has announced that flights to Japan will be reduced in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake. Falling demand and rising costs have caused numerous airlines to cut service to and from Japan after the nation was rocked by natural disaster. The entire airline industry is facing falling revenues and rising fuel
Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport explosion from possible suicide bomber

In Russia’s Domodedovo Airport, explosion and a  possible suicide bomber has attacked the baggage claim area. Initial reports say that more than 30 people have been killed and hundreds injured. Domodedovo Airport is the busiest airport in Moscow. Domodedovo Airport explosion In the middle of the afternoon at Domodedovo Airport’s international arrivals terminal, a large
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Southwest Airlines Sale | No Dates Near Christmas

Not so fast to Southwest Airlines sale Yes, Southwest Airlines is having a huge sale on plane tickets. Several round-trip tickets will cost only $50, $75 or $100 if you purchase tickets today through the end of the day Thursday. You can even get one-way tickets for as low as $25. But wait! Before you
#touchedbyTSA will further slow down pre flight screening

#touchedbyTSA tweet could win free iPod Touch after body search

Thanksgiving air travelers can win an iPod Touch in the “#touchedbyTSA” promotion sponsored by the social-mapping app Loopt. To win, people flying on Nov. 23 who are searched by Transportation Security Administration employees must share their experience on Twitter using the hashtag #touchedbyTSA. While Loopt makes light of controversial airport security policies, the TSA is
Airport Screening

TSA screening could result in terrible public backlash

The new Transportation Security Administration guidelines, and the TSA screenings and pat-downs, are not popular with a lot of people. There have been some serious transgressions by screening personnel since the guidelines debuted. This does not mean every TSA screener is out to abuse the public. Workers conducting TSA screening deserve some sympathy Since the
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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Picks Safest Vehicles

27 vehicles make Top Safety Picks list The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come out with its annual list of Top Safety Picks. Eight SUVs and 19 cars have been given Top Safety Pick awards for 2010. People who want to make sure they’re getting the safest cars before filling out a personal loa
JFK airport

TSA agents arrested at JFK, accused of stealing $160,000

Two TSA agents were arrested at JFK airport this morning. The two Transportation Security Administration screeners are accused of stealing more than $160,000 worth of cash and items from airline luggage. The two were discovered after $39,000 was stolen from one bag at JFK. TSA agents arrested at JFK Davon Webb, 30, and Couman Perad,
Amusement parks are in dire straits, and you could reap the benefits.

Amusement Parks Look for Debt Relief and Customers

Amusement Parks in tough times Amusement parks are looking for debt relief by bringing in new customers. Both Disney and Universal theme parks are facing a tough time. They know that to manage their finances they need to find new customers to lure in. These two, and many smaller parks, are looking to deep discounting
United airlines

Continental, United airlines to become largest airline in world

Forget taking out  Personal Installment Loans to pay for your carry-on luggage or Same Day Loans for a pillow on your next flight. The concern now is: what airline will you be flying on? Will you be flying Continental or United? Both. Yes, Continental and United airlines are combining into the world’s largest airline. What