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Is Apple banning location-based ads in iPhone apps?

We know they’re a monopoly, but why abuse app community even more? Apple has not made many friends with its App Store acceptance policies. Viewed in turns as both arbitrary and petty in their efforts to protect what they view as their property rights, Apple has cracked down on many App Store developers who are
Phone, camera, MP3 player and now remote control. Image from Flickr.

AR.Drone | Remote-Control Weirdness

AR.Drone worries me Because the Consumer Electronics Show features items that aren’t even on the market yet, and thus in the early stages of development and marketability, there are always some products that are more for “wow” factor than for actual use. I think, and on some levels I hope, that the AR.Drone is one
Image from Wikimedia.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Finally Flies | Going Green in the Skies

Dreamliner comes true “YAY, I can’t wait to see it!!” a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. She included a link to MSNBC’s story about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a new aircraft the company test-drove today. My friend’s excitement is shared by many, including frequent flyers, environmentalists and people who have been looking forward
Investing is more sophisticated these days, but this adage still holds true: don't borrow money to play the market! (Photo:

Don’t Borrow Money to Buy Stock Online

You Need a Level Playing Field Traditionally, buying stocks through a broker meant pinching and saving your pennies for many years before being able to invest in the stock market. If you did not have the money to get started and you wanted to get started quickly, you needed to borrow money, or even buy
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Are Zhu Zhu Pets Unsafe? Feds Conduct Investigation

Good Guide says Zhu Zhu pets are unsafe Zhu Zhu pets might be unsafe, according to consumer group Good Guide. The little hamster robots that have won the hearts of Americans are now under investigation. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is running tests to find out the levels of antimony and whether Zhu Zhu pets
Companies like Orange may make "high definition" a reality for Americans soon. (Photo:

New Hi-Def Phones Without Obtaining Online Loans

Get Technology with Emotion, Without Online Loans When the former Soviet Republic of Moldova aired radio advertisements featuring an assortment of emotional calls, the start of a technological wave began to spread. “This is the world’s first high-definition cell phone system that carries voices that are full of raw, human emotions, not tinny or muffled-sounding

Decorating Your Colonial Home

Colonial roots While Colonial architecture appeared first when Europeans were settling America in the early 1700s, it didn’t cease to exist then. Over the course of the next 300 years, variations of Colonial design remained consistently one of the most popular and enduring styles of architecture. Colonial décor was inspired by European country homes settlers
Bye bye BlackBerry?

Verizon Droid Sales Conjure Images of iPhone Release

Droid sales attract cell phone geeks Stores opened at midnight. People lined up in the streets, awaiting Verizon Droid sales. When did people become cell phone geeks? I think it started with the iPhone, which was the first mobile communication device in recorded history to cause people to behave this way. Now, midnight Droid sales

Spokane Website Design – Adworkz – Performance Marketing – SEO

Website Design, SEO, Advertising, and Marketing in Spokane WA The “Pay Only For Real Customers” Network New Spokane Washington company enters Spokane market for website design, internet marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization and video production services (see location: Spokane Website Design). Adworkz is primarily an affiliate advertising network that connects advertisers through an affiliate
Steve Jobs is all better! Image from wikimedia.

Apple Announcement: iPhones, Cameras and iTunes, Oh My!

Apple announcement about new products As usual, Apple held its September Apple announcement, or “media event” as they like to call it (though Mashable points out there are usually more employees than media at the Apple announcement). People — and WIRED Magazine — have been speculating for weeks about what the Apple announcement would be
EPPICard seems simple enough. But consumer experience has been checkered by misplaced funds, service problems and identity theft via online phishing scams. (Photo:

EPPICard | Scams and Poor Service Darken Welfare Service

ID theft and misplaced funds checker EPPICard’s record When you’re unemployed, your unemployment check each week is a real life-saver. Sure, most of us aren’t that far removed from living on the street if our jobs ceased to exist. That’s a disturbing reality that many Americans face in a system that has lost the ability
Can't figure out how to incorporate your favorite picture into your e-mail signature?

How to Add an Image to Your Signature in Gmail

Gmail’s happy customers Most of the people who I know who use Gmail absolutely love it. The endless storage capacity, search feature, automatically save chats and several other features have made most Gmail users happy customers. However, as the use of Gmail spreads to the point of near e-mail monopoly, people are beginning to use
You know the PS3... but do you know Slim? (Photo:

PS3 Slim Price $299 Coming 8/24/09

Early adopters feel the sting When it comes to video game systems or any other form of consumer electronics technology, there’s always a danger that comes with being an early adopter. First of all, if there is a competing technology on the market (take HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, for example), the other one might take over,

Erector Spykee the Spy Robot | WiFi Spying, Worldwide

Robots, lasers and my childhood paradise From the time I was quite small, I was fascinated by robots. Particularly robots equipped with laser beams. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, eh? My dream was that my family would be able to afford a ruby tube so that I could construct a laser in my

Pentagon to Optimize Troop Brains Like Hard Drives

Your tax dollars at work You’ve heard of those remedies that supposedly improve your memory, focus and thinking ability, right? Sometimes they’re natural substances like berries and roots, other times they’re not so natural (pharmaceutical would be the operative word). Whatever the case, these brain-boosting supplements are frequently expensive, so much so that using them