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Nokia N96

Nokia N8 | Mobile entertainment that also happens to be a phone

This morning, the Nokia N8 was officially announced, and the Nokia N8 is one little smartphone packed with entertainment features: HD-quality video and editing software, surround sound, Web TV social networking, navigation, web browsing and – oh yeah – the ability to make phone calls on just about any network. The Nokia N8 runs on
The Boeing X-37b space plane is shown pre-launch, with rear booster still attached. Many question whether the craft will be used merely for research or as a platform for surveillance and missile strikes from space.

X-37b space plane | A U.S. step toward militarizing space?

Many people are unhappy about the state of NASA’s budget under President Obama (they think the program might need corporate payday loans), and the introduction of the Boeing X-37b certainly won’t help matters. The launch of the new Boeing space plane is a scientific boon in the minds of some in that the X-37b can
A broken window used as an illustration for an article about miserable failure

Miserable failure never totally disappears from Google

Miserable failure are two words commonly associated with George W. Bush, even without the former president owning the top listing on search engine result pages for more than two years. But Google diffused the Google bomb in January 2007 that firmly established “W” in what most of the country believed his rightful place after the
A single hand and arm, with the palm facing up

Skinput | Your skin, now a keyboard

Your next cell phone may not have a built-in keyboard of any kind – you may just be able to use Skinput instead. Now in development at Microsoft, Skinput is slated to become the newest form of human-computer interface. Skinput is still a few years away from being offered commercially, though with enough same day
A blue-frosted cookie in the shape of Twitter's Fail Whale.

Promoted Tweets | What Twitter advertising means to you

Quick, in 140 characters or less, what do promoted tweets mean for most Twitter users? Promoted tweets are the first of a planned group of Twitter advertisements that will appear as highlighted search results. The overwhelming Twitter chatter seems to be against the Promoted Tweets program, but Twitter cannot run forever on small cash loans

OS 4.0 iPhone | Seven new features announced

It’s only been a few days since the iPad came out, and though most of us are barely over our iPad hangovers, Steve Jobs hosted a big event today to announce OS 4.0 iPhone features. OS 4.0 iPhone is based on seven “tentpole” features, each of which is supposed to make the iPhone better. However,
Social Networks | Scam or search engine? claims to do something very simple: aggregate all the publicly available information about a person and sell it to anyone who is willing to pay with payday loans or otherwise. Many are asking if it’s a scam, or if Spokeo really does offer a legitimate service. The answer is … sort of. “
An Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer

Apple iPad | News, Apps, Tech Support and competitors

The Apple iPad is being released to the world on April 3. The Apple iPad will be made available on the company web site, at Apple stores and at a few Best Buy stores across the nation. The Safari web browser lacks Flash support, but the Safari browser has most other basic features. The Apple
Hand holding a Samsung Star 3G Smartphone

Samsung announces Galaxy S smartphone at CTIA conference

The annual CTIA conference in Las Vegas started today, and as expected, wireless companies have started rolling our their newest products. Just a few hours ago, the big buzz started when Samsung announced its new Galaxy S smartphone – a 1 GHz phone that will run Google’s Android and improved screen technology. The phone’s price
Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DS announces XL, 3D versions

Sure, the Nintendo DS gaming system is five years old, but it remains one of the most popular hand-held gaming systems in the world, with Japan announcing it will be giving elementary students Nintendo DS systems to use in the classroom. If the original Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi is not quite enough for you,
Facebook on-screen

Facebook passes Google | The battle is on

Last week, Facebook took a crown that Google has long held as its own: the most visited web site for the week. As reported by web traffic ranking service Hitwise on March 15, Facebook accounted for 7.07 percent of United States web traffic in the week ending March 13, while Google accounted for 7.03 percent.

Beezid: Auction excitement, but it will cost you

Most everyone who shops on the internet is looking for a deal. There are many auction and low-price websites out there that are very popular, though offers a rather unique action-style experience. You can get a good deal on Beezid items, though, like most online shopping, the “ticket price” of Beezid products isn’t the
A man in a buisness suit working at a computer.

Haven Homes does good business in a bad economy

Haven Homes — manufacturer of custom modular homes, otherwise known as prefab homes — is currently experiencing a rare phenomenon in today’s housing market: Haven Homes is selling houses. Haven Homes makes customized mansions that cost less and are completed in a fraction of the time it takes to finish a traditional home. Here’s a
Bloom Energy, 60 Minutes

Bloom Energy on 60 Minutes talks about Bloom Box

Bloom Energy uses fuel-cell technology “It is real. It works,” said K.R. Sridhar on “60 Minutes.” He is talking about Bloom Energy’s invention, the Bloom Box, which creates power using fuel cells. Sridhar hopes that every home in the U.S. has a Bloom Box. The invention can provide electricity at a lower cost than a

Please Rob Me combines Twitter and Foursquare

It’s satire, people – not a call for anarchy You know that it is dangerous to broadcast exactly where you are over the World Wide Web, right? Let’s set aside the ways in which the powers that be monitor us every day. I’m talking about revealing your location to complete strangers so that they can

Airborne laser brings down missiles in flight

But America can only afford one airborne laser right now, thanks Downsizing is the name of the game for too many Americans these days. Even airborne lasers have been scaled back, which should set Dr. Evil’s plans back a spell. At least he still has a fleet of sharks. But all is not lost when