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Photo of a Wi-fi signal.

Free and open white space promises Wi-Fi revolution

The television broadcast spectrum contains unlicensed areas that are going unused. Those areas are called “white space.” For the purpose of advancing wireless network technology, the Federal Communications Commission plans to make white space available for public wireless consumption. White space for wireless is being called “white-fi” and “Wi-Fi on steroids.” Dead zones could be
an iPhone being held in someone's palm

Jailbreaking the iPhone 4 is legal, and the hack is now available

The first jailbreak for the iPhone 4 was unleashed Sunday. The hack liberates iPhone 4 owners from the shackles of the Apple App Store. The iPhone 4 jailbreak allows a phone to download unapproved apps from unapproved app stores. An advantage of jailbreaking destined to become immensely popular is unlocking access to other networks than
An out-of-box view of an iPhone 4. Catherine Zeta-Jones did not come in the box, but she appears interested.

Will T-Mobile sell the iPhone 4 in third quarter 2010?

Apple may not be recalling the iPhone 4, but it certainly isn’t because the company is strapped for cash. Its profit in fiscal third quarter 2010, per PC Magazine, was massive thanks to the iPad. Apple made $3.25 billion net profit on revenue of $15.7 billion. Yet that may not even be the most explosive
an apple logo in the foreground with a skyscraper rising behind it

Analysts doubt iPhone recall at upcoming Apple press conference

An iPhone recall is the latest phrase to emerge as the world obsesses over the ultimate consumer gadget. An iPhone 4 recall is the anticipated subject of an Apple press conference scheduled for Friday. It is presumed that Apple will provide answers about the iPhone 4 antenna glitch breathless media pundits have been clamoring for.
a close up of artwork at the apple app store

Scammers use Apple App Store hack to steal money, boost rankings

Apple App Store users are battling an app farm infestation. The App Store is being hacked by Apple App scammers who hack private iTunes accounts to make purchases of bogus apps. The hacks steal money from iTunes accounts and boost the App Store rankings of the bogus apps. Greedy scammer blows App Store cover The
electrical towers and power lines

Apple claims that iPhone software update will fix antenna issues

The Apple iPhone 4 antenna reception drama continued Friday. The company announced that the iPhone 4 antenna issue will be remedied with an iPhone software update. Apparently there’s no reception problem at all, according to Apple. Defective software resulted in an inaccurate representation of signal strength. The screen shows too many bars in areas with
a vintage photo of a car with a wing and propeller attached

The Terrafugia Transition: a flying car that fits in your garage

Is it a flying car … or is it a drivable airplane? Actually, the Terrafugia Transition is the world’s first “roadable aircraft” according to Terrafugia, the aviation — or automotive? — startup company developing the hybrid machine. Terrafugia announced that the appearance of the Transition in airspace and on highways cleared a major hurdle Wednesday.

iPhone 4G problems | Apple says it is all your fault

The iPhone 4G seems to attract problems. First, the phone was leaked long before Apple wanted it to be. Then, the iPhone 4G problems came in pre-ordering and delivery. Next, white iPhone 4G problems abounded. Now, the final straw – iPhone 4G reception is proving problematic. iPhone 4G problems: Reception Though the design of the
Droid X

Verizon Droid X | Features, price, release and Flash announced

All fans of the Verizon Droid, your day will arrive soon – the Droid X has been officially announced. The first phone with native Froyo Android 2.2 support, the Verizon Droid X also features a host of other gizmos, gadgets and programs that should prove useful. Some reports also indicate that the Verizon Droid X
WWDC 2009

New iPhone | Get Apple WWDC 2010 live stream info

Monday, June 7, is the beginning of Apple WWDC – World Wide Developer Conference. There are wide expectations that the WWDC 2010 live stream will include an announcement of the new iPhone. This new iPhone may be called the iPhone HD or iPhone 4G, but either way, the Apple WWDC is sure to garner attention.
Doodle4Google crayons

Doodle4Google | McKenzie Melton wins for the Rainforest

Doodle4Google is a chance for K-12 students from U.S. schools to win money for their college education and their schools. Google has featured more than 300 doodles on its U.S. website over the years. This year’s winning Doodle4Google was designed by a third-grader hoping to bring awareness to rainforest habitat, as announced on the Official

Malamanteau | Defining a new word

There are many reasons new words are created, but “malamanteau” is confounding many people. If you’re a fan of XKCD the webcomic, you saw what one author believes malamanteau means. However, if you’ve heard malamanteau as the word of the day at the coffee shop or water cooler, you may be wondering what the heck
a close up of an open book, side view

Google Editions e-books: the ultimate Kindle and iPad killer?

Is Google Editions the iPad killer? The Kindle slayer? Google Editions is a browser-based e-book platform that may have Apple and Amazon looking for no fax pay day loans. The Google Editions launch date of late June or July was announced earlier this week. Unlike Apple and Amazon, Google Editions is a digital publishing service
Microsoft sign

Microsoft Courier | Another tablet computer bites the dust

The Microsoft Courier, a dual-screen tablet computer, has officially been canceled by Microsoft. The Courier, first rumored last September, was in development to be a slate or tablet computer with a set of hinged seven-inch screens. While Microsoft doesn’t yet need fast cash loans, one has to wonder if the company is refocusing on its
Palm PDA

Palm HP partnership | Taking aim at slate computing

Despite grandfathering the concept of smartphones with personal digital assistants, Palm hasn’t been doing so well lately – so the Palm HP buyout that has been announced this week couldn’t come at a better time. This $1.2 billion pay day purchase of Palm, HP is acquiring the Palm operating system, intellectual property, and phone handset
Steve Jobs is speaking at a tech conference about the features of the iPhone. Steve Jobs says Flash software will never be used on Apple's line of iProducts.

Steve Jobs calls Flash top reason Macs crash, says no thanks

Steve Jobs says Abode Flash and Apple products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad will never be seen together, according to Fox News. Many tech fans had wondered if Jobs would eventually cave to the pressure, as Flash videos are still widely used on many websites. However, Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flash” letter should mean