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Verizon 4G LTE network to launch Sunday

Coming Sunday, Dec. 5, Verizon Wireless will launch its 4G network. This fourth-generation network technology, called LTE, promises to offer near-broadband speeds. The Verizon 4G network is being rolled out without any phones that support the technology, meaning people must wait until January to get a full hands-on experience. Verizon 4G LTE technology The Verizon
Grand Central shut down

Grand Central not shut down | Use Twitter responsibly

Grand Central false alarm People were all aTwitter, saying Grand Central Station was shut down today, but it turns out that was either a hoax or a misunderstanding. According to The Huffington Post and Gothamist, the commotion started when someone linked to a 2007 story about an explosion at Grand Central. It was shut down
iPhone alarm

iPhone glitch means Daylight Saving Time 2010 alarms will be late

The fall Daylight Saving Time 2010 switch is officially set to begin at 2 a.m. on Nov. 6. As was discovered when Europe’s Daylight Saving Time 2010 switched over, there is an iPhone glitch that doesn’t register the change. If you use your iPhone as an alarm, then you need to take extra steps to
Cartoons from the '80s

Childhood cartoons on Facebook | Child abuse needs more than this

In yet another Facebook “cause” blast, users are changing their profile to pictures of cartoon characters. Cartoons from the 80’s and cartoons from the 90’s are proving most popular. This is a move intended to bring awareness to child abuse. Pictures of cartoon characters as profile pictures on Facebook “Change your FB profile picture to
A woman seated at a table, reading an ebook with an Kindle device.

Google Editions to debut read anywhere e-books

By the end of 2010, e-book lovers will have a new reason to be happy: Google Editions. Google wanted to have its ebook retailing operations ready by summer 2010, but technical and legal barriers stood in the way, reports the Wall Street Journal. Now the road is clear, and Google appears ready to give

Rockmelt | The perhaps too socially connected browser

The browser market is packed full, but Chromium-based Rockmelt is the newest browser to enter testing. Rockmelt stores your browsing preferences online, so you can load them anywhere. Rockmelt uses your Facebook login, however, which may be questionable, given the security issues surrounding the site. Rockmelt with Chromium base Rockmelt is a browser backed by
bloom box bye bye grid

Bloom Energy offers 10-year contract for cheap power off the grid

Bloom Energy is a California company that has developed a fuel cell called the Bloom Box. The Bloom Box supplies clean energy off the grid, but has been too expensive for widespread use. To solve that problem, Bloom Energy has created the Bloom Electrons program to eliminate the Bloom Box’s upfront costs. The Bloom Electrons

Manipulate your meat stylus for iPhone

It’s a wrapped sausage for iPhone touch screens Why is the meat stylus for iPhone wrapped? Because things could get messy very quickly, that’s why. You know what I’m talking about: smears and juice everywhere as you wildly attempt to communicate with a world whose hunger is gradually ascending as bloodlust before the onslaught of
healthy blood cells

New cancer blood test could revolutionize diagnosis and treatment

A new cancer blood test sensitive enough to detect a single cancer cell is being prepared for the health care marketplace. The new cancer blood test could make early detection of cancer easier. The blood test could also help accurately determine whether cancer treatments are working and show whether patients become cancer-free. A breakthrough in
ipad magazine content

Will Apple subscriptions give media companies a brighter future?

Apple has announced it will offer subscriptions to digital media and music content through the Apple App Store. Apple subscriptions are an extension of a service Apple launched recently for Rupert Murdoch’s “The Daily,” an iPad newspaper. Most publishers haven’t yet committed to Apple subscriptions because of the company’s restrictions and customary 30 percent cut.
“Do you have a facebook?” reads this artistic Facebook ad that depicts an strangely sad face.

Report suggests Facebook is outing gay users to sponsors

According to online security researcher Christopher Soghoian’s blog Slight Paranoia, Facebook may be in hot water again. A paper by a Microsoft researcher and two fellows from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems entitled “Challenges in Measuring Online Advertising Systems” includes troubling findings about Facebook. Specifically, the paper implies that via a loophole, Facebook

Apple Mac event unveils some big changes

The Apple Mac line of computers is expanding. The hotly anticipated Apple event, dubbed “Back to the Mac,” announced the new MacBook Air. There is also an update to the operating system, Mac OS X that will be released next year. The new version, Mac OS X Lion, is a merging of Mac OS and
A nuclear processing plant.

China announces newfound ability to reprocess spent nuclear fuel

China announced a nuclear power breakthrough Monday that could solve its uranium supply problem. A technique to reprocess spent nuclear fuel that is kept secret in other countries has been mastered by Chinese nuclear scientists. The Beijing government said its new technology could extend China’s supply of nuclear fuel from 70 to 3,000 years. China’s

What each minute of your time on Facebook is worth

The company Facebook has recently been valued at approximately $65 billion. While the actual worth of the company cannot be safely estimated until the company goes on the market, it can safely be said that Facebook is worth a large chunk of cash. The value of Facebook, however, comes from its users.   Facebook statistics
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AdMob Joins the Club | AdMob Now Belongs to Google

Google buys AdMob for big bucks It appears as though the release of the Motorola Droid may have done it: Google plans to invest heavily in mobile advertising. It will plunk down $750 million to acquire AdMob, “the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace,” according to the AdMob web site. The $750 million price tag makes

iPad sale and other Apple Black Friday deals

In a move that was not unexpected, but highly anticipated, Apple has announced Black Friday deals. The iPad sale cuts $41 off the price of all iPad devices. MacBooks, iMac, and even iPods are also on sale. iPad sale officially on For Black Friday only, Apple has announced an iPad sale. A full $41 has