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Consumerism is American. Free market capitalism and payday loans are all part of necessary competition, despite what critics would have you believe. (Photo:

Short Term Credit and Controlling One’s Financial Affairs

It’s Hardly Predator vs. Prey If media and banking industry critics of payday lending are to be believed, payday loan outlets are perched in the reeds, muscles coiled in anticipation of springing upon unsuspecting consumers. “Predatory lending” is the fallback term such misinformed critics use, under the assumption that people who use payday loans are
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Cash Advance & Payday Loan 90 Day Trend Report

Statistical Report on Payday Loans, Cash Advances, and Other Types Of Personal Loans Personal Money Store is not a lender itself. However, it does provide a free service that matches borrowers with lenders. This provides a unique look into the inner workings of the sub prime lending industry. There are a few reports below which