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Shot of cars buried by the snow of the East Coast blizzard.

Retailers lost $1 billion, thanks to blizzard

The massive East Coast blizzard that has crippled the northeastern U.S. of late has made life difficult for many people, retailers included. According to CNN Money, retailers that were hoping for lots of shopper traffic to take advantage of after-Christmas sales and boost retail sales received a rude awakening. Because the blizzard kept shoppers at
A giant inflatable duck welcomes customers to a credit union in South Dakota. Does this mean ducks are eligible for short term loans at that location?

UC Davis study shows credit unions restrict short term loans

Short term loans and similar money loans have been a thorn in the side of banks and credit unions who have sought to gain a foothold as direct lenders in the short term credit market. Payday lenders have addressed the consumer need for quick cash with aplomb, making successful entry into the market perhaps more
Summer jobs announcement

Seasonal employment market more challenging for teens

Getting a summer job has long been a rite of passage for teens. For many this year, summer job hunts are proving more difficult than ever. Recent polls indicate that hiring managers plan on filling summer jobs by the end of this month. Teen employment becoming more difficult The U.S. Government started keeping specific statistics
A round, orange California union badge bearing the slogan, “Your Rights At Work: Worth Fighting and Voting For.”

Polls show most of US favors collective bargaining rights

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll indicates a majority of people in the U.S. support the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. Poll results also show that a majority oppose cutting pay to reduce state budget deficits. The nationwide poll surveyed 984 adults, the majority of whom did not have a union member
alzheimer's cases

New research: More than half of Alzheimer’s cases misdiagnosed

Alzheimer’s disease is easily misdiagnosed, and that happens quite often, according to new research. Nearly half of the subjects with Alzheimer’s diagnoses examined in a study didn’t have the degree of brain lesions commonly associated with the disease. Researchers said an expected increase in Alzheimer’s cases and advances in treatment makes it critical that doctors
An intentionally blurry photograph of a sandwich board sign that reads “The Best Jobs in Town.”

U.S. unemployment sinks to 9 percent, spin doctors rejoice

Forbes reports that January unemployment figures paint what some people consider to be a rosy picture. A decline to 9 percent unemployment has been hailed as “the fastest pace in half a century,” and people say they’re finding work. However, this data conflicts with a recent business survey reflecting weak job growth in January, hinting
U.S. coins and paper currency spread out on a table.

Consumer Confidence Index at highest level in eight months

The Associated Press reports that the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) rose in January to the highest level experts have seen in the past eight months. The CCI climbed to 60.6 in January, up 53.3 from December, according to the global non-profit organization Conference Board. Shrinking unemployment and improving business conditions are believed to be
Sugar Cane

Sugar prices at 30-year high as supplies deplete

In yet another record gain, sugar prices hit a 30-year high on Tuesday and went up even more Wednesday. The sugar prices 30-year high comes after last year’s double in sugar prices. The volatility in the sugar market means more than just increasing consumer prices, though. Sugar prices 30-year high Sugar prices reached a record
Image of an office worker on the face of a clock. The worker points to more money – and quitting time.

Employee satisfaction survey says workers are not happy

The reality for many when it comes to being gainfully employed during the recession is that one should be thankful to have a job at all. However, a recent employee satisfaction survey by national job placement firm Manpower indicates that employees are ready to look the gift horse square in the mouth. A whopping 84
The California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, photographed during the daytime.

Californians deserve a balanced payday loans argument

As mainstream media is quick to assert, the APR charged for California payday loans is typically somewhere between 300 and 400 percent. If San Diego installment loans were actually 12-month loans, those figures would indeed be frightening when compared with traditional bank and credit union loans. However, some California personal loan customers don’t have the
negative equity

Decline in underwater mortgages credited to surge in foreclosures

Underwater mortgages in the U.S. declined for the third straight quarter for the period ending Sept. 30. The decline in negative equity is a result of increasing foreclosures. Negative equity is expected to increase in the near future as U.S. home values continue to decline. Decline in negative equity deceiving The number of homeowners with
A busted piggy bank has littered the floor with ceramic fragments and spare change.

The economy may be rising, but what about our personal finances?

According to a recent survey by the Washington-based Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP), Americans anticipate that the national economy will be more likely to improve than decline during the next six months. However, as Bloomberg reports, the CFP study also shows that the majority of Americans do not have as much faith
Smiling baby

Most Popular Baby Names for 2009

Whether you have a bun in the oven, or are just curious, there is actually a list compiled every year for the most popular baby names. The most popular baby names list for 2009 came out recently, and it is an interesting tidbit, in case you want to escape the doom and gloom of the
This debt relief has a sting to it? Try $39 million for a gallon of scorpion venom!

Debt Relief | It’s Not About Picking Your Poison

Get Active After Those Carbs! So if you’ll recall from last time, you’d chugged a gallon of eggs. Now you simply must maintain your figure and do the dirty work. Latex house paint goes for $16.50 per gallon, and you’ve been putting that off for too long, haven’t you? When you’re done, why not clean
Do mortgage brokers profit excessively from yield spread premium charges? Will borrowers ever discover credit repair?

Subprime Mortgage Study Exposes Yield Spread Premium Money Trap

Collegiate Study Analyzes Mortgage Broker Profits The subprime mortgage crisis helped make a mess of America’s economy, to the point where credit repair has become a questionably attainable goal at best. The path toward more house than Joe Consumer can handle financially was paved by upside down transactions with mortgage brokers. When compared with direct
Installment loans have been there for people from all walks of life who have been failed by the traditional credit and lending system. (Photo:

Installment Loans: A Strong Option When Credit Access is Limited

Do Race and Ethnicity Restrict Access to Traditional Credit? You’ve more than likely heard the call to arms “Stimulate the economy!” before. It takes expenditure in order to keep the wheels of commerce flowing. While the current recession has made that difficult – people are still highly unwilling to spend on non-essential purchases – the
Demographics of online borrowers

Demographics of Internet Lending Customers

If you don’t already know that American news media is first and foremost an entertainment medium, allow me to be the one to break it to you. Sensationalism sells better than the truth. Biased story selection and reporting slant are inescapable, particularly when you consider the influence of corporate sponsorships. Conspiracy Theories Refuted Since Wall