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Destroying the payday loans industry creates problems and solves nothing. Balance is needed in legislation. (Photo:

NYU Study Questions Link between Payday Loans and Predation

Payday Loan Profits Don’t Automatically Equal Predatory Lending Even if you’ve never been a customer of a payday loan business, you’ve likely seen or heard about the product. You probably also know that payday loan businesses are fairly easy to find in both the brick-and-mortar world and in cyberspace. With such a proliferation, it seems
"Your eyes feel so very heavy. You will pay only the minimum balance on your credit card…"

Credit Card Minimum Payments are Hypnotic Conditioning

Interest Payments Grow As Our Minds Become Anchored We all know by now that making only the minimum payment on your credit card balance each month is a recipe for long-term debt. If that sounds appealing to you, then by all means, continue to fatten the pig. It loves the sloppy seconds (thirds… fourths…) of
Think this represents the average payday loan company CEO? Think again. Profitability is hardly out of sight, even if it has allowed the industry to grow. (Photo:

Vanderbilt/Oxford Study: Payday Loan Firm Profits Not Excessive

Profits are in Line With Traditional Lenders, Says Study Infinite profits earned off the backs of the infinite suffering masses. If you take your news from the multi-colored, sugar-laden toothpaste tube that is the mainstream media, then you believe that the payday loan industry is reaping massive profits while those who crawl about on their
Something about a reaping? (Photo:

Death Risk Rankings | Are You Dead Yet?

Know how you’re most likely to die and be happy Death by ferrets may be in your future, or cardiac arrest. Admittedly, it could be a freak game show accident. Whatever the case, you’re going to want to know what your risk of dying is, because it always pays to be prepared. That’s where Death
consumer confidence

The puzzle of rising retail sales and falling consumer confidence

Retail sales and consumer confidence are key economic indicators closely watched by economists and investors. People often assume retail sales and consumer confidence would rise and fall in tandem. But separate reports released Friday show a strong 2010 retail sales trend followed by declining consumer confidence in January. Retail sales surge in 2010 Retail sales
Credit repair is possible, but only if you increase your debt literacy. (Photo:

On Credit Repair and Debt Literacy

What You Know Can Save You Green Do you consider yourself to be financially literate? How about when it comes to debt – is your level of debt literacy high enough that concepts like credit repair are second nature to you? Chances are your opinion of your debt literacy is higher than the reality. This
Close up of the logo on a Visa credit card.

Top 10 cities with the most credit card debt

Credit-card-wielding consumers have found that old habits die hard. That’s why it comes as no surprise that a recent study by credit reporting agency Equifax states that the U.S. is buried $790 billion deep in credit card debt. Broken down by city, here are the top 10 most credit card debt-ridden cities. 10. Winston-Salem, N.C.
Bankruptcy filings from state-to-state have nothing to do with the presence of payday lending and more to do with demographics.

Bankruptcy Filings by State – Payday Lending “Not a Factor”

BYU Study Points to Demographics, Bankruptcy Laws For many individuals and families whose financial troubles have led them to the brink of insolvency, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing options have been major landmarks on the road to credit repair. Even though filing for bankruptcy can be costly (in money and property), have an
No Known Restrictions: "Blind Beggar" by Lewis W. Hine, 1917 (LOC)

U.S. hunger report indicates high levels of food insecurity

According to a new Department of Agriculture report, American families continue to struggle with hunger at the same recorded rate as last year. However, the level of food insecurity – difficulty feeding one or more family members because of lack of money – is at the highest recorded level since the federal government began keeping
Spend it! Consumer spending isn't rising as fast as some would like.

Consumer spending fails to keep pace with rising incomes

United States financial numbers for May 2010 are in, and according to Bloomberg Business, individual incomes outpaced consumer spending. This reportedly made it possible for households to boost their savings and support the economic recovery, although how slower spending boosts the nation’s economic recovery is in question. It could be viewed as another instance of
traffic fatalities

Study proves red light cameras reduce traffic fatalities

Use of red light cameras by city governments has become more common in the past decade. Motorists typically denounce the presence of red light cameras as revenue-raisers rather than public safety devices. But a recent study shows that red light cameras reduce traffic fatalities, as well as increase revenues. Red light cameras work as advertised
Is this person singing the inner city blues over payday loans? Don't bet that it's that simple. (Photo:

College Study Attempts to Link Payday Loans and Violence

Remember, Correlation Does Not Imply Causation Have you ever heard that statement before – that “correlation does not imply causation?” What it means is that even if one can identify a correlation (strength and direction of a relationship between two random variables), it does not automatically imply that one causes the other. Making such a

Modern consumer debt levels make payday loan trap unlikely

Even with a down credit market, consumer debt levels make a payday loan debt trap seem like small potatoes. Most studies of the payday lending industry indicate that all payday lenders in America do less than $50 billion a year in business. There is 20 times that amount in outstanding debt on credit cards. Consumer
shark attacks worldwide

Shark attacks worldwide in 2010 rose to highest level since 1980

Shark attacks increased worldwide, according to an annual shark attack report released Monday. The trend reversed in Florida, which leads the U.S. in shark attacks, but recorded a decline in 2010. A recent shark study showing sharks are colorblind suggests that traditional black wet suits may increase the likelihood of a shark attack. International shark
Pursuit of alternative financial services like payday loans is sometimes necessary. But do the costs break the budget? (Photo:

The Cost of Payday Loans: Not Excessive, Study Shows

Study of Detroit Area Households Yields Surprising Results There are numerous entries in the volumes of study on payday loans which suggest that low- to middle-income (LMI) families are the most frequent users of the product. Where access to credit and liquid assets are limited – particularly in areas that are not well-served by the
"Yessss! Thissss will cost them!"

A Gallon of Scorpion Venom Will Kill Your Budget

Measuring Your Debt Relief by the Gallon It has been said that the average human being should take in eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day for optimal health and survival. That’s a rule of thumb, really. But what does this mean for those of us who insist upon drinking store-bought bottled water?
Couple arguing

Marriage and divorce | Statistics and things to consider

The effects of separation are crucial. According to the recent Census Bureau report released earlier this month, there is an increased number of single Americans, and about 106.4 million citizens are included in this group of households. The primary causative factor of this growing rate is divorce. Divorce is another stage of adjustment. It is