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10 reasons people are walking away from mortgages

Allowing foreclosure on purpose Many people have reasons for wanting to stay in their home, regardless of how much they’re paying. People don’t want to uproot their families or don’t want to go through the hassle of moving. However, some people are so fed up with the housing market that they’re willing to allow their
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Home Prices are on the Rise

Home Prices are on the Rise The home price index The recession is officially over according to experts and now is the time to watch home prices rise. For a long time house values declined causing much stress for homeowners. A new study however, just revealed that for the fifth month in a row US
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The Strategic Default | When Billionaires Walk, Millions Talk

Strategic Default As a corporation, Morgan Stanley can only be termed as gigantic because at the end of the second quarter, they had assets in the area of $213.2 billion. Here was a company that was good enough to meet any of their obligations made by its operating units. Morgan Stanley, however, defied logic by

Save Extra Cash with Kitchen Renovation-Upgrading Your Cabinets

Renovating your kitchen cabinets In a perfect world, we’d all have enormous bank accounts with endless funds for home renovations. Unfortunately, most of us are struggling enough to make ends meet without worrying about putting the money we’d like to into our homes. However, improving the appearance of your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be
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Kansas Free Land – Get a piece of the Heartland

According to the Department of Agriculture, there are 386 U.S. counties where residents consistently reside in poverty. Of those, 340 are of the rural variety. In order to stimulate rural economic growth, some of these counties offer free land programs. Web sites including Kansas Free Land offer prospective homesteaders a means to take advantage of
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Finance expert Peter Schiff says home prices to fall considerably

While some people think now is a great time to buy a new home because interest rates are so low, there are experts who continue to advise caution. Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff says home prices have not bottomed out yet. In a recent Wall Street Journal piece, he even goes so far as
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St. Louis BOOST Loan helps businesses buy real estate

Most businesses need a location in order to operate, which means purchasing real estate is necessary. Numerous programs exist to help businesses obtain funding to buy land on which to build or lease, and in St. Louis, Mo., one such program is the St. Louis BOOST loan program. A BOOST loan gives the borrower a

Homebuyers Look for Quick Cash by Working with a Good Agent

Finding quick cash can be found with a good agent Potential homebuyers are looking for ways to find quick cash, and having a good real estate agent is the number one way to save. It’s a great time to buy a home, but every first-time homebuyer needs the careful direction of a good real estate
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Million-dollar home sales increase as prices continue to slide

Sales of homes that cost millions rose dramatically in major U.S. cities last year. Wealthy Americans prospering from a rebound on Wall Street are taking advantage of low interest rates on jumbo loans and falling home prices to land unprecedented bargains. Meanwhile, home sales overall are stalling, and analysts expect home prices to decline another
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Falling vacancy rates signal sharply rising rents in near future

After about a decade of very low rent inflation, rising rents are emerging as a consequence of economic recovery. Rental vacancy rates have been dropping sharply, and rental market analysts are warning that double-digit rate increases are on the horizon. Further economic recovery may be at stake as rising rents feed inflation and subtract further

Case-Shiller index indicates home prices still falling

Should homeowners brace for more financial pain? So America has recovered from the housing bubble and things are looking better for Real Estate… right? Not so fast. Marketwatch reports that the most recent Case-Shiller home price index indicates a “not-seasonally adjusted” .2 percent drop for 20 major American cities for December 2009. Prices did rise

Buying Your First Renter’s Insurance Policy

Introduction to Renter’s Insurance So you don’t own a home – that doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance to protect your belongings in the event of a fire, flood or other major disaster. What you need is a renter’s insurance policy. What is a Renter’s Insurance Policy? Renter’s insurance is a specific type of financial
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April showers bring may flowers and boost pending home sales

Home sales and similar statistics regarding home sales have not been encouraging for months, but are showing signs of life. Pending home sales, or contracts to buy homes, were observed during the month of March, as spring is certainly the buying season. However, that still doesn’t mean that all is well yet. Mortgage rates dip
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Rise in national vacancy rate not worth panicking over

It has been reported that the national rate of vacancy, or the number of houses sitting empty, has reached a 13 percent, but don’t panic. That figure does not mean it is time to begin constructing a bomb shelter and making hats from tinfoil. The housing market is depressed, but signs of life are still

Cash advance Loans Can Help Fund Accurate Appraisals

The New Appraisal Dilemma Now that Americans are getting back to buying and selling real estate, many are willing to use  cash advance loans to fund various unexpected costs. One of the biggest concerns for any home seller is their appraisal. Although the price of a home can be based on the market assessment value,
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Rentometer! Find Out if You’re Paying or Charging Too Much Rent

Rentometer knows answers to housing costs Housing costs are definitely being called in to question nowadays. They’re fluctuating all over the place. I’ve read headlines that say “Housing prices on the rise” and “Housing prices hit all-time low” on the same day. That makes for a lot of confused people, whether they are apartment hunting
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Housing recovery may be fiction as mortgage rates plummet

As the real estate market has been closely watched, there are numerous indicators to keep an eye on, one of which is overall mortgage rates — the average interest rate charged on a mortgage loan.  Despite a slight spike in existing home sales, overall mortgage rates are staying down. This may sound like a prelude