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Dennis Blair

Dennis Blair resigns from Director of National Intelligence post

After 16 months in the post, Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, has resigned from his office.  He was appointed by President Obama. Dennis Blair was a highly qualified candidate, and in his capacity, he oversaw operations of multiple agencies including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and others.  He had

Groups after anchor babies attacking jus soli doctrine

Currently, there is a group of state level legislators trying to keep “anchor babies” from becoming citizens. Some parties would like to see the doctrine of “jus soli,” or “right of the soil,” thrown out altogether. Jus soli is a fundamental of citizenship law in the United States and many other nations. Right of the
A common highway sign visible along the southernmost roads of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Experts predict the California immigration conflict will soon explode as has occurred in Arizona.

Will California immigration be the next legal flash point?

The recent Arizona immigration law has been nothing short of controversial, and many experts believe that California immigration will be the next battleground for lawmakers. Reuters reports that Latinos in California – many of them illegal residents, others not – are stepping forward to protest the Arizona law. Liberals consider tougher immigration laws to be
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Cash For Clunkers Stimulus | Too Little For Too Few?

Will your vehicle hit the $4,500 jackpot? In principle, it sounds great. People have the opportunity to trade in their older, less fuel-efficient cars for vouchers of up to $4,500. These vouchers are usable on new vehicles that are more fuel efficient than the “clunkers” being traded in. President Obama’s point here is at least

Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown says bigoted, sparks fly

Incumbent Prime Minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown was campaigning for upcoming elections, and he recently committed a serious gaffe.  After a short impromptu debate with a constituent, one Gillian Duffy, he called her a bigoted woman once he got back in his car — with the microphone still on.  The resulting fallout of the

A Hot Mess | Sarah Palin Runner’s World Interview

Where are you running to? Did you see the Sarah Palin Runner’s World interview? It may give us some idea of what she’s running for, but is the real question that we should be asking “What’s she running from?” Where’s Sarah Palin headed these days? That’s a question that has the Republican party stumped. Is
Census form

Is Republican census form an illegal Republican census scam?

Both Republican and Democratic leaders are speaking out strongly against the Republican census form that is turning out more like a Republican census scam. The fund-raising letter is disguised as an official “Republican census letter” that asks people to give the party money now. The Republican census scam is not new, but this year it

Major Benefits of the New Laws for Credit Cards

New laws The Obama administration is working hard to reform laws for companies who issue credit cards. On May 22, the president signed off on the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, or Credit CARD, act of 2009. The bill is set to improve the way companies deal with consumers and act as a watchdog
Shady Lady

US Senator Harry Reid trying to ban brothels in Nevada

Harry Reid is a Democratic U.S. Senator from Nevada. In a statement read to the Nevada Senate and Assembly, Senator Harry Reid called to ban brothels in Nevada. The statements received a chilly reception and likely will not lead to legislative action. Harry Reid says to ban brothels in Nevada The Democratic Nevada Senator Harry
Sparks from a fire

Pittsboro Courthouse Fire | John Edwards sex tapes safe

In 129 years, the Chatham County Courthouse has probably seen several historical events, but yesterday evening the Pittsboro courthouse fire turned the Chatham County Courthouse into a smoldering shell of its former self. The Pittsboro courthouse fire is receiving quite a bit of attention because the fire threatened tapes that reportedly show former Presidential candidate
Photo fo the congress chambers

Maxine Waters in same boat as Charlie Rangel

Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) had a high profile ethics investigation over the last few weeks. Congress found he deserved a reprimand for his actions. After his debacle, Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has also been called out for conflicts of interest. She is pursuing a speedy hearing to clear her name. Conflicts of interest alleged against
Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks to Democratic supporters. Even in very soft focus in the background, his wife draws the eye, as if to a flower.

Dennis Kucinich votes yes on health care – after voting no

The battle for health care reform may be nearing a vote in the House, as President Obama has predicted. Now a major stumbling block has been removed, as Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich has changed his stance on the current version of the health care bill, which brings to mind credit repair – for his image.
James Clapper

James Clapper hung out to dry in interview with Diane Sawyer

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, recently had a disastrous interview with Diane Sawyer on national television. Clapper didn’t know about a foiled London terrorist plot, and came off as an ignorant buffoon. It was later confirmed that he had not been briefed. Disastrous Diane Sawyer for James Clapper A recent interview was broadcast
A single joint of marijuana

The California Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act: Part 1

Yesterday evening, the California Secretary of State confirmed that the voter initiative to legalize marijuana received an estimated 523,531 valid signatures – well more than the 433,971 signatures needed to get on the November ballot. The California legalization initiative has supporters that argue pot legalization will not only save the cash-strapped California economy money, but
Acela Express

Only existing high speed rail in America already successful

Part of the stimulus packages suggested by President Obama for further growth of the economy and modernization of America is high speed rail. It is controversial in some circles, and conservatives are outraged. However, the existing high speed rail in America is already a fantastic success. Rage at the dying of the no high speed
I do believe the guy who wrote this book, Mathew Honan, created Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition. Image from Amazon.com.

Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition | Playful Patriotism

Who’s unpatriotic now? During the eight years of Republican reign that preceded President Barack Obama’s election, fans of President Bush often fought criticism of him by saying that the critic was “unpatriotic,” “anti-American,” you know what I’m talking about. So liberals got a reputation of being unpatriotic, but my how the tables have turned. The
Congressional Hearing

Bailout official labels mortgage modification program a failure

The Inspector General of government bailout programs has labeled the mortgage modification program a failure. Neal Barofsky, appointed to oversee the bailout programs including the Home Affordable Modification Program, blasted the program in a Congressional hearing for being ineffective. More than half a million consumers have gotten their mortgages modified. Mortgage modification program blasted in