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Installment loans have been there for people from all walks of life who have been failed by the traditional credit and lending system. (Photo: flickr.com)

Installment Loans: A Strong Option When Credit Access is Limited

Do Race and Ethnicity Restrict Access to Traditional Credit? You’ve more than likely heard the call to arms “Stimulate the economy!” before. It takes expenditure in order to keep the wheels of commerce flowing. While the current recession has made that difficult – people are still highly unwilling to spend on non-essential purchases – the
Image of Bernard Kerik from Wikimedia.

Bernard Kerik Back in Jail for Putting Confidential Info Online

Former commissioner on trial for conspiracy Bernard Kerik knows that committing tax fraud is a no-no. He made that clear in 2004, when he withdrew his name from consideration for Secretary of Homeland Security. At that time, Bernard Kerik admitted that he had committed tax fraud. Bernard Kerik had employed an illegal immigrant to work
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Sheila Jackson Lee Squares Off Against Rush Limbaugh

House Rep. says keep Limbaugh out of NFL When I wrote earlier about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh buying the St. Louis Rams, I kind of thought that whole process had been snuffed out already. Apparently I was mistaken, as yesterday Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in a floor speech said the NFL should not
Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota votes for people over corporations. (Photo: flickr.com)

GOP Sens Vote 30-9 Against Rape Amendment

Yet Sen. Al Franken’s Amendment Passes, 69-30 Following one of the more vile incidents against a woman in American history, the Senate has voted in favor of Sen. Al Franken’s amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that gives the government the right to withhold defense contracts (no small cash loans, either) from companies like
Not pictured: Orange County Assemblyman Michael Duvall. (Photo: flickr.com)

Heidi Dejong Barsuglia and Michael Duvall | Family Values Hijinks

Politicians and lobbyists are literally in bed together now Like most unscrupulous politicians, California Assemblyman Michael Duvall could have simply told Sacramento-based lobbyist Heidi Dejong Barsuglia, “Give me my cash now!” However, what was common knowledge in the California state legislature is now common knowledge to the public. Michael Duvall was having an affair with
Whats more important: our right to know or a familys right not to suffer needlessly? (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard | Should His Photo Have Published?

Does the Media’s Right to a Story Outweigh Human Decency? That’s a question that’s sure to strike up controversy. On the one hand, there is great value to a free press in a democratic society. That holds true in war time, as the American people have the right to know just how things are going
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Great California Garage Sale to Raise Money for State

Schwarzenegger gets creative California’s budget crisis may seem like an overwhelming lost cause to some, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting up a fight. His latest plan to get some emergency money to fight the state deficit is the Great California Garage Sale. The state is now using online resources including Craigslist and eBay to
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Maria Belen Chapur… Mark Sanford’s Fire-Starter?

He’s dead inside… and C Street House knew before his wife There’s something dreadfully wrong with that. That C Street House, C Street Band, The Family, or whatever you want to call them knew that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was having an affair with Argentine reporter Maria Belen Chapur. The super-secret religious organization knew
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Hillary Clinton Angry | “I’m Secretary, Not My Husband!”

Lost in translation Recently, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a town hall-style meeting at the Congolese capital of Kinshasa. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, her stop is part of an 11-day tour through Africa to promote “development and good governance, and to underscore the Obama administration’s commitment” to aiding the

Opponents Use Health Care Bill Page 58 Scare Tactics

Health care bill page 58 spawns crop of lies OK, people this is getting a little old. What am I talking about? The ridiculous, flat-out lies surrounding the health care bill, HR 3200. Now in question is health care bill page 58. People are saying that health care bill page 58 mandates that everyone will
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GOP Thugs at Town Halls: Paid By Healthcare Industry

Obamacare town halls draw hooligans You would expect that people would be able to hold a civilized discourse with elected officials when it comes to arguing the merits or drawbacks to an important piece of legislation. However, when it comes to universal healthcare with a public option in America, it appears that productive discussion is
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Clinton Secures Pardon For U.S. Reporters in N. Korea

That’s Bill, not Hillary Not that Hillary couldn’t have gotten the job done. She’s more than capable. But Bill had already established a relationship with the North Korean government; they’ve even requested to meet with him specifically a few times over the past 15 years. What job am I talking about? After “exhaustive conversation” with

Cash For Clunkers Bill | Insult and Injury to Obamacare?

We await the Senate vote on Cash For Clunkers Sen. McCain has already made it known that he didn’t approve of the original $1 billion allotted for the Cash For Clunkers bill, so he definitely doesn’t approve of funneling $2 billion more into it. He will do all he can short of a filibuster (the

UPDATE: House OKs $2 Billion More For Cash For Clunkers

Mo’ money, mo’ clunkers If you were worried like we were that Cash For Clunkers was suspended due to lack of funds, worry not. It’s halfway to being extended, thanks to a House vote that approved $2 billion more dollars for the program. Now the program might last… a couple more weeks! Because people are

Cash For Clunkers Suspended?

The money may have run out – ALREADY! America needs strong, decisive action from its government that will restore consumer faith in the economy. One of the vehicles President Obama had planned to use to help those of us who are hamstrung by the high cost of gasoline was the Cash For Clunkers program, also
Wait, Coburns a deacon, not a Congressman. C Street confessions are protected!

C Street House | Your Officials at Mischievous Work (Pt. 1)

In case you missed it, you should be worried Do you feel comfortable with your elected officials belonging to a secret society that “rejects morality as a secular construct of man?” Do you find it troubling that the same officials then take it upon themselves to “moralize” on the topic of why cheap loans and

HR 3200 | What is It, and How Will We Pay for It?

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act Congress is currently considering HR 3200, otherwise known as “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.” It’s the massive health care bill that we’ve seen coming for quite some time. OpenCongress.org provides a PDF that explains HR 3200 in detail as well as the following summary: America’s Affordable Health Choices