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The Hank Johnson Guam remark: Not an April Fools Day prank

Occasionally, someone says something that is so foolish, one thinks it has to be fake. Then it turns out to be true, turning the remark from stupid and seemingly non sequitur to tragically farcical.  Just such an instance occurred recently when U.S. Representative Hank Johnson (D – GA) remarked that if any more U.S. troops
A bullet hole in glass, with the resulting shattered spider web. Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor's office window was shot by someone who objected to his stance on health care reform.

Bullet flies through window of Rep. Eric Cantor’s office

The vote for health care reform has come and gone, but the fury left in its wake – one that has shattered the peace of Rep. Eric Cantor’s district office, among other places on both sides of the political aisle – will not soon subside. According to CNN, Eric Cantor claims that a bullet was
Vice President Joe Biden at the World Economic Forum

Joe Biden | Big F-ing deal bomb

Nobody has ever accused Vice President Joe Biden of being the most tightly laced politician. During the press conference where Obama announced the signing of the new health care bill, though, Vice President Joe Biden added his own unique take on the moment by saying “this is a big f-ing deal” to President Obama. I’m
Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas governor race results : GOP bellwether or blip?

In Texas, the Republican governor’s race primary results are in, and it’s leaving everyone wondering if these results – with conservative Rick Perry taking the win –  are going to show us the direction of the next election. The deeply divided Republican party showed it’s fissures during this race – and issues like taxes, how

Bernanke testimony | Helicopter Ben vs. Ron Paul

Was America the sole recipient of the bailout? Ben Bernanke’s testimony before Congress continued today, punctuated by a very entertaining exchange between Bernanke and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).  Check out video footage below, then peruse the suggested evidentiary sources offered by commenters here. Decide for yourself whether Greece should be allowed to borrow money from
Obama holds health care summit

Obama holds health care summit | HHS does too

Obama holds meeting with Congress about health care President Obama has initiated a health care summit with Democrats and Republicans from Congress at the Blair House in order to create a bipartisan consensus on what is supposed to be done about health care reform.  Some Republicans have been receptive, others combative.  Thus far, two issues

Generation Zero denounces Wall Street, Capitol Hill

Documentary suggests root causes of America’s financial collapse Sean Hannity is talking about it. The Tea Baggers Ball in Nashville screened it. For many people, that would be enough to permanently lose all interest in “it,” but in this case that would be unfortunate. “It” is “Generation Zero,” a documentary film that suggests that it

Sarah Palin uses cheat sheet, critics go bananas

Sorry, that’s actually an affront to monkey fruit Once upon a time, it was entirely fashionable to bash Sarah Palin. Oh, look at that lady from Alaska. She shoots wolves, winks a lot and can’t tell Katie Couric what she reads. She routes state money to build a “Bridge to Nowhere,” but she’s down-homey. Etc,

Tim Tebow Superbowl ad has CBS under fire

Women’s groups call for upcoming pro-life ad to be pulled Super Bowl commercials are always among the highlights of the CBS Super Bowl telecast, and the Sunday, February 7 broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV should be no exception. However, among the entertaining commercial offerings (which will surely include some by payday loan companies), there may

Andre Bauer says poor children are like stray animals

Carry on, South Carolina – from Mark Sanford to Andre Bauer South Carolina is a perfectly fine place, I’m sure. The Palmetto State no doubt has beauty and local color in spades. However, its recent political history has been talk show cannon fodder. Gov. Mark Sanford went on his soul-searching trip on the Appalachian Trail

The Doomsday Clock will change at midnight Pyongyang time, 1/14

That’s Pyongyang, North Korea for those keeping score Just in case you were wondering, the minute hand on the nuclear war Doomsday Clock is going to move on Thursday, January 14. It is unclear which direction the hand will go, so if you’re on the fence about payday loans and need some quick cash, think
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The Cap-and-Dividend Bill

The Cap-and-Dividend Bill The Cap-and-dividend bill Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the Earth’s surface air. It is a major concern of the Senate this coming year and new plans are in place to manage it. There is a new proposal on the table to curb global warming and it promises to
Prop 8 trial

Day 1: Prop 8 trial under way in California

No Prop 8 trial streaming The lawsuit against Proposition 8 — legislation in California that changed the state Constitution to make same-sex marriage illegal — has started. It’s not just the controversial subject matter that is getting people riled up, either. The case was set to be streamed on YouTube, but the defender for Prop
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U.S. Government Spends $250 Million on Science and Math

$500 million for teachers I think a lot of my fellow Americans would agree that we can be a bit cocky at times. It’s funny, though, because the U.S. lags so far behind other countries when it comes to health care and education. Plus we are in so much debt, I don’t think any amount
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Cash for Caulkers: Questionable Idea, Bad Title

What is Cash for Caulkers? The government this week announced it is planing a new program called Cash for Caulkers. The program has great intentions: conserving energy and saving homeowners money. The idea is that the government will reimburse homeowners to the tune of 50 percent of the cost of any projects that conserve energy
Social Security is drying up, to the chagrin (or horror) of retirees and elderly across America. Payday loans are seeing better days. (Photo: flickr.com)

Payday Loans Gain Popularity as Social Security Outlook is Bleak

Paycheck Loans: From Emergencies to the Mainstream Not long ago, payday loans were thought of solely as emergency funding methods. People who were hard-pressed with an emergency medical bill or car repair sought out these types of loans as a means of finding quick cash. Their convenience is premiere because, if a consumer qualifies, he
Senator. Chris Dodd (Photo: Wikipedia.org)

Dodd’s Reform Bill Threatens Power of Federal Reserve

Debt Relief Would Be a Whole New Ballgame The people of American are looking for debt relief any way they can find it these days, and it appears that the only way true gains in this area are going to be made is if major restructuring of America’s financial regulatory agencies occurs. Along those lines,