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texting drivers

Texting while driving bans fail to put a dent in auto accidents

Texting while driving is prohibited by law in several states. But a new study found no decrease in car crashes in those states after texting-while-driving laws took effect. In some states the number of crashes actually increased. The Department of Transportation, in the midst of an anti-texting while driving campaign, called the results of the
Chris Lee

Congressman Christopher Lee resigns amid Craigslist scandal

Christopher Lee has resigned as congressman because of a leaked photo, which he had sent to a woman he met on Craigslist. Lee is a Republican congressman from New York and in the middle of his second term. He announced his resignation seemingly to head off a scandal before it got out of hand. False

“The Amazing Randi” exposes bomb detection fraud

It’s been said that a magician never reveals his secrets. In the case of “The Amazing Randi” and the current controversies surrounding crock bomb detectors unscrupulous companies are attempting to peddle for soldiers in Iraq, James Randi is happy to reveal exactly what’s going on. As you’ll see, the military should never invest in such
Black chicken farmer with chicken coop battery cages in the 1950s.

U.S. Senate offers black farmers $1.15 billion settlement

CNN reports that the U.S. Senate has unanimously decided to pay a $1.15 billion settlement for black farmers. The settlement is for the 1997 court case Pigford v. Glickman, in which black farmers sued the U.S. Agriculture Department for racial discrimination in farm loan lending practices. Black farmers won Pigford v. Glickman in 1999 Since
Hanging international flags

Multiculturalism fails in the U.S.

Stepping away from the homogeneity of societies in the past has been a constant struggle since its ancient inception. People are torn between the rigors of integration and co-existence of those who are of a different ethnic or cultural background. Strides and advancement in multiculturalism became apparent at the end of the last century and
Austin Plane Crash, Joe Stack online note

Austin Plane Crash | Joe Stack’s rant against the tax man

Plane crash in Austin linked to suicide note The story of the Austin plane crash and Joe Stack is bizarre and sad. Though Joe Stack’s death is tragic, I am grateful that reports so far say all the office workers in the building he crashed into made it out alive. The Huffington Post reports Joe

Massive blizzard threatens to bury Chicago and Midwest in snow

A massive winter storm system is currently threatening the Midwest region. The city of Chicago could receive the worst of the storm with more than a foot of snow, and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or more are anticipated. Whiteout conditions are possible. Massive storm system bearing down on Midwest The Midwest region
An M4 carbine rifle (left) versus baby nail clippers.

TSA confiscates nail clippers from gun-toting soldier

Red State reports the story of a company of gun-toting soldiers who recently returned to the United States after a tour of Afghanistan. Despite the fact that U.S. Customs had already inspected the solders’ possessions and separated them from their ammo before putting them on the flight out of Afghanistan – and the soldiers hadn’t
Before 2007, Jack Whittaker was the biggest lottery winner of all time. He won in 2002. Photo url:

Mass Lottery Mega Millions Infects East with Lottery Fever

Find out Mega Millions winning numbers Friday The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has gotten huge since the Mega Millions winning numbers announced yesterday haven’t resulted in a winner yet. If the Mega Millions lottery results Friday end up in a win, the lucky lottery ticket holder will win $325 million, the third biggest mega millions
Millions of Americans who cant find work could benefit from the unemploment extension vote.

Unemployment Extension Vote Will Decide Fate of Millions

Unemployment extension vote to come The unemployment extension vote that took place Tuesday cleared the way for the unemployment extension bill to make its way through Congress. The House has passed the bill, which would allow unemployed workers to collect benefits for an additional 13 weeks beyond what is already allotted. Originally, the bill specified
temperature conversion

Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion merges in cold snap

Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion is required for the rest of the world to comprehend temperature in the U.S., unless the thermometer hits 40 below zero. At 40 below zero, the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales converge for one brief degree. On Jan. 21 the temperature at International Falls, Minn., fell well below the Fahrenheit
Fan art depicting Garfield and Odie playing in a pile of leaves.

Garfield creator Jim Davis apologizes for Veterans Day strip

Veterans’ Day is set aside for solemn remembrance of the sacrifices the men and women of the Armed Forces have made for their country. “Garfield” comic strip creator Jim Davis had no intention of besmirching this year’s celebration, but his syndication network wasn’t quite so aware, reports CNN. The Nov. 11 “Garfield” strip that Jim
A Paris “die-in” demonstration in which most of the participants are wearing while death masks.

Texas prosecutors stand mute over state of death penalty

The constitutionality of the death penalty is currently under review in Texas, the state where more than half of U.S. executions are committed, according to various sources. As the Houston Chronicle indicates, some Texas lawmakers aren’t too keen on the idea of the death penalty being labeled unconstitutional. Local Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos
John F. Kennedy motorcade

47 years have passed since JFK assassination

The JFK assassination was one of the most shocking moments to occur in modern America. The shooting of a young and incredibly charismatic president in broad daylight stunned the world. It has been 47 years since John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas. 47th anniversary of JFK assassination On November 22, 1963, President John

I Shoulda Had a Dennis Kucinich

Obama Joker artist revealed, says he’d prefer Kucinich Stop the presses. There is a connection between the racist, inflammatory Obama Joker socialism posters used to protest the president’s plans for the necessary overhaul of the health care system and the lost presidential candidacy of Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I rather liked the man and would
Nationald debt clock

National debt ceiling debate affects us all

The U.S. will soon hit the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling, prompting Congress to vote on again raising the limit. But Congressional Republicans have threatened opposition if the vote does not include budget cuts and long-term debt reduction. If an agreement is not reached by August, it will be an unprecedented situation that will be felt
Construction site where the Twin Towers once stood in New York City, prior to September 11. A mosque at Ground Zero has been approved for construction.

Mosque at Ground Zero approved by NYC community board

Since the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement first announced they wanted to finance a mosque at 9/11 Ground Zero, the outpouring of emotion from the people of New York City and beyond has been tremendous. While some view building an Islamic mosque on the site of a national tragedy as a