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a toddler in diapers smilling at the camera

Terror babies: Sleeper agents in diapers threaten U.S. security

Some Texas Republicans suggesting that the 14th amendment to the U.S. constitution be repealed are calling children born in the U.S. by illegal immigrants “terror babies.” The 14th amendment grants U.S. citizenship to all persons born on American soil. Texas congressman Louie Gohmert and state representative Debbie Riddle said that pregnant illegal immigrants come to
Ted Kennedy campaigning in 1962 (Photo:

Sen. Ted Kennedy, 77, Dies After Brain Cancer Battle

One of the “most accomplished Americans” in history Those were the words of President Barack Obama from his eulogy for Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving brother in what the Associated Press (at calls “an enduring political dynasty.” Democratic Senator Kennedy died due to complications caused by brain cancer. He was 77
Cartoon rendering of a big banker pushing the little man down.

Will it be the bankers or us who survive the recession?

Controversial talk-show host Alex Jones implores Infowars readers to take a good look at this global financial crisis. As nations institute austerity measures, Jones believes it all comes down to this: “Is it going to be the bankers or us?” By burying the middle class in debt slavery, Jones asserts that big government and its
Your forced recovery awaits (Photo:

Rex 84 | Your Internment Camp Awaits You

What’s an Internment Specialist, daddy? “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson Did you know that the United States Army National Guard has been advertising job openings for “Internment Specialists?” Who would we be rounding up for internment, anyway? The United States hasn’t
burning books fires up sales

Pentagon to buy Operation Dark Heart first print for book burning

“Operation Dark Heart” is the latest book to get the kind of publicity money can’t buy. This time it comes courtesy of the Pentagon. Military intelligence officials said “Operation Dark Heart,” the memoir by a former intelligence officer in Afghanistan, reveals classified information damaging to national security. To suppress the book, the Pentagon, flush with
An anti-hate symbol.

Swastika-branding incident first to test new hate crimes law

The state of race relations between Navajo and Anglos in Farmington, N.M., may have hit low tide once more, thanks to the swastika-branding actions of three young men. According to Associated Press, the three white men attacked (after allegedly kidnapping) a mentally disabled 22-year-old Navajo man. They shaped a coat hanger into a swastika, heated

Super Bowl flyover highlights amount public pays for training

The Super Bowl flyover has been a tradition for many years. This year’s Super Bowl flyover of five Navy F-18s is estimated to have cost taxpayers $450,000. The Navy points out that these flyovers are training missions, but some question the amount spent to fly over sporting events. Cost estimates for Super Bowl flyover The
The recession is beginning to slow down. Will short term loans be able to pick up the pieces?

Short Term Loans Set on Growth After 2008 Bailout

The Bank Bailout Mortgage loans, home equity loans, short term loans and automobile loans are all on the rise now that the economy is on the upswing. The Bank Bailout of 2008 was created to help lenders regain their footing as solid business entities. In years leading up to the recession, lenders were lending so

Glock is weapon of choice for military, police and mass murderers

The Glock-19 is an Austrian-made semi-automatic pistol preferred by the military and most police departments. The Glock-19, the weapon of choice for Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner, accommodates an extended magazine that can carry up to 33 rounds. A Clinton-era law banning Glocks with extended magazines was allowed to expire by Congress in 2004. The
extending daylight saving energy

Daylight saving time 2011 not likely to save energy in the U.S.

Daylight saving time 2011 begins Sunday, March 13. It will be the fifth year since Congress changed daylight saving time in the U.S. from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March. The change was mandated by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, but extending daylight saving time has not proven to
The old version of U.S. food stamps, from 1980.

Welfare payments make up 35 percent of total US wages, study says

An independent study utilizing Bureau of Economic Analysis data indicates that more than one-third of total U.S. wages and salaries go toward government payouts like Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare benefits. This has shocked numerous economists. CNBC Fast Money Executive Producer John Melloy suggests that this record figure will continue to expand as
Superhero costume

More real life superheroes donning costumes to fight crime

Over the past few years, there has been a rising number of real-life comic book style superheroes. Real people are putting on costumes and going out to perform charitable works and try to fight crime. Costumed crusaders were the subject of “Superheroes,” a documentary that was shown at the Slamdance Film Festival. Caped crusaders break
King of the Jungle

An endangered species: Jaguars in North America

Jaguars once lived and roamed about in the southern United States and close to the tip of South America. However, now they are down to nearly half that range from that of a hundred years ago. Every year thousands of jaguars were killed by hunters for their pelts up until the mid-1970s. An estimated 50,000
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WJLA Breast Exam Video | Outrage over health awareness

WJLA Breast Exam Video – the Super Bowl all over again A few days ago, a Washington DC television station, WJLA, aired a series about women’s health, particularly calling into question and to the audience’s attention the need for more women to be aware of how to properly conduct a breast examination on their own.?
birds fall from the sky

Thousands of dead birds fall from the sky in Arkansas town

Why did thousands of birds fall from the sky in Arkansas? State wildlife officials began testing carcasses of red-winged blackbirds that rained down on the town of Beebe on New Year’s Eve. Biologists suspect that severe weather or fireworks, rather than disease or poison, caused the birds to fall from the sky. Birds fall from
James Clapper

James Clapper hung out to dry in interview with Diane Sawyer

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, recently had a disastrous interview with Diane Sawyer on national television. Clapper didn’t know about a foiled London terrorist plot, and came off as an ignorant buffoon. It was later confirmed that he had not been briefed. Disastrous Diane Sawyer for James Clapper A recent interview was broadcast
President Obama's plans for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency could mean that debt relief is closer than ever for the downtrodden. (Photo:

What’s the Best Way to Protect Consumers in Need of Debt Relief?

Should Courts or Executive Branch Agencies Have Final Say? The recession has forced America to face some of its most deep-seated systematic financial troubles. One thing that has become clear is that unscrupulous mortgage lenders and credit card agencies have dined for far too long upon consumers who largely didn’t understand that they could hold