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The Supreme Court of the United States

Obama talks Supreme Court nomination with Senate

Choosing a new Supreme Court Justice is a daunting task for any president, and the Obama Supreme Court pick to replace John Paul Stevens is an item of contention.  Justice John Paul Stevens is widely considered one of the more liberal members of the Court, and the president has begun discussion with the Senate about
Painting of Benjamin Franklin seated at a table, pondering his latest invention or the day's affairs. A rainbow afro wig has been added to symbolize the colorful new additions to the new 100 dollar bill, which bears Franklin's portrait.

New 100 dollar bill debuts to help fight counterfeit rings

Whether you call them Benjamins, C-notes or simply that money that bears the face of the Founding Father who knew how to party, the United States’ new 100 dollar bill definitely makes counterfeit money operations that much more difficult. The U.S. government knows how smart counterfeiters have become, particularly with their use of the “Superdollar”
Let's celebrate Administrative Professionals Day today!

April 21 is Administrative Professionals Day 2010

Many people in office-type workplaces will take time to observe Administrative Professionals Day 2010 — and they should!  If there’s a group of people that can easily go overworked, underpaid and under appreciated, it’s administrative professionals.  The people who labor and toil to make sure the office runs smoothly certainly deserve a day of observance

April 19th is Patriots Day

The 19th of April is observed in a few states as Patriots Day, as a commemoration of the Lexington and Concorde battles in the American Revolutionary War.  It’s observed on the third Monday of every April, so Patriots Day 2010 is today. It is celebrated in Massachusetts, Maine and in Wisconsin as an observance in

History of the Credit Card in America

How the First Credit Card Came to Be In America, credit card history isn’t something most people think about. This is because credit and credit cards appear to be a timeless method of payment. However, the use of plastic payments is, for the most part, a twentieth century luxury. At the turn of that century,

One Way to Save Money is to get Good Snow Tires for Winter

Winter in the Snow Belt Snow tires are a crucial thing to have in areas that are frequented by snowfall in the winter.  A recent article on Bankrate discusses the importance of investing in a good set of snow tires, and how the right investment can save money. Matt Edmonds, VP of Tire Rack said,
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Operation Homefront Needs Donations to Help Families

Military families struggling This holiday season is going to be a tough one for a lot of people. So many families are struggling economically, and fewer people are donating to charity. This has hit Operation Homefront especially hard. Operation Homefront is a charitable organization that helps military families. Requests for assistance from Operation Homefront are
Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota votes for people over corporations. (Photo:

GOP Sens Vote 30-9 Against Rape Amendment

Yet Sen. Al Franken’s Amendment Passes, 69-30 Following one of the more vile incidents against a woman in American history, the Senate has voted in favor of Sen. Al Franken’s amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that gives the government the right to withhold defense contracts (no small cash loans, either) from companies like
Whats more important: our right to know or a familys right not to suffer needlessly? (Photo:

Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard | Should His Photo Have Published?

Does the Media’s Right to a Story Outweigh Human Decency? That’s a question that’s sure to strike up controversy. On the one hand, there is great value to a free press in a democratic society. That holds true in war time, as the American people have the right to know just how things are going

Cash For Clunkers Bill | Insult and Injury to Obamacare?

We await the Senate vote on Cash For Clunkers Sen. McCain has already made it known that he didn’t approve of the original $1 billion allotted for the Cash For Clunkers bill, so he definitely doesn’t approve of funneling $2 billion more into it. He will do all he can short of a filibuster (the