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Spray-on liquid glass could save money on cleaning supplies

And who couldn’t use that kind of help? We can all appreciate the difficulty of keeping up with household cleaning. Not only can it be back-breaking work, it can also be expensive, with one cleaner for this surface, yet another for the next. Not everyone can afford to keep up such a spotless regimen, and
The author of The 48 Laws of Power was inspired by Machiavelli's The Prince.

The 48 Laws of Power | An amoral life guide

Written in 1998, Robert Greene & Joost Elffers’ The 48 Laws of Power is a book that is part self-help, part philosophy, and part history. The 48 Laws of Power takes the view that human interaction is based on an exchange of power and provides an outline for how to manipulate that power exchange for
The kind of summer camp I always wanted, but I didn't have the installment loans to pay for it. (Photo:

Parents Use Installment Loans to Fund Summer Camp

Summer Camp is Still a Goal Parents are using installment loans to fund summer camp for their children in 2010. Due to the economy, many parents are finding it difficult to finance their children’s summer vacation away from home. On average, summer camp costs anywhere from $90 to $1,200. It depends upon the length and type

Beer of the Month Club | Price vs. Product and Service

Beer of the Month Club and romance I originally heard of the Beer of the Month Club as a suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift. Of course, the suggestion was that it’s a great gift for men, but obviously a lot of women would love this gift, too. However, before you go signing up for
Fishing buddies

Going fishing: Take the time to enjoy it

Going fishing is a great way to get outside and explore new areas or re-visit old, favorite spots. If you enjoy eating fish, you are going to love the experience. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on gear, clothing or travel expenses to incorporate this fun activity into your routine, so you
If you are experiencing a budget emergency, know that short term help from cash advances is available. (Photo:

The Benefits of Cash Advances

Paying for Unexpected Bills Cash advances can be a great help when you have an emergency expense like a hospital bill. Getting an advance is very easy and you can even request it online from the comfort of your home. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in the forms and they
Parenthood is as sacred a thing as exists for human beings. What's fair is what the child needs, not that you keep up with Martha Jones' in number of vacation days. (Photo:

Paid Maternity for Childless Women

Is Paid Maternity a Privilege or a Right? I think that America has the wrong idea when it comes to work-life balance. The wheels of business have to turn for our economy to function, but do we honestly have to spend the vast majority of our waking lives (and sleeping lives, if you dream about
Glamorous? No. A vacation to remember? Definitely. (Photo:

Freighter World Cruises For the Adventurer in You

Saving for a needed holiday Everybody needs to get away sometime. We save our nickels and dimes throughout the year. We stockpile vacation time and cut corners where possible to ensure that we have that little bit extra to help us get away for a nice holiday. Now that we’re dealing with a serious recession,

Inexpensive Weekend Activities for the Entire Family

Weekends Were Made for Family Fun In a struggling economy, families find it especially hard to find satisfying, yet inexpensive weekend activities. This doesn’t mean that a good time cannot be had on a budget; it simply means that adults have to find creative ways of planning family activities that will not break the bank
Living between the plus and the minus sign can be nerve wracking. If help is needed, installment loans can deliver.

Installment Loans for Fertility and Adoption

A Growing Credit Market Exists for Prospective Parents For those wishing to bring children into the world and/or raise them, one of the most heartbreaking of conditions is being unable to conceive due to infertility or financially unable to adopt. The former condition invites a series of potential medical cures, all of them very expensive.

One to grow on: Top 5 ways to spend your lunch hour

Make it a positive space for self-enrichment What’s it going to be for lunch? You do have a lunch hour, don’t you? Or at least a lunch period? Some people use their lunch time at work to catch up on errands and E-mails. Others actually eat their lunch. I find myself surfing the Net more
Watch out, cubs! You may not be getting or giving what you bargained for. (Photo:

Miss Cougar USA | Wanting Dates, Needing Internet Loans

Cougars seek love online and off, use internet loans Relationships are a tricky business. Whether we meet people out and about or online (in between searching for internet loans), we all have a social side of ourselves that is longing to connect with others. When it comes to companionship, we tend to seek out those
Amusement parks are in dire straits, and you could reap the benefits.

Amusement Parks Look for Debt Relief and Customers

Amusement Parks in tough times Amusement parks are looking for debt relief by bringing in new customers. Both Disney and Universal theme parks are facing a tough time. They know that to manage their finances they need to find new customers to lure in. These two, and many smaller parks, are looking to deep discounting
Image from Louisville, CO, is a great place for bike riders.

Louisville, CO, Tops Money.Com Best Cities

And the winner is … CNN’s financial site has released the list of best cities, and this year’s winner is a  little town in Colorado. Louisville, CO, tops the list of 100 best small cities in the United States. The Best cities list only includes places that have populations of 50,000 or fewer.
A happy couple

Marriage: Falling in love again

Marriage is defined in several forms, aspects and beliefs. Marriage is an institution that recognizes and unites cultures and traditions. With this comprehensive meaning of marriage, there are still many couples who forget the real essence of this intended lifelong bond. Center for Disease Control recently released a detailed study on the national marriage and
Tipping some fast cash makes a big difference in the service you receive now and in the future.

Tipping – A Great Fast Cash Investment

When “Bribery” isn’t a Dirty Word In almost any situation, I’ve found that tipping is the best investment you can ever make, aside from investing time in filling out a cash advance loa form for emergency fast cash. Anyone who has ever spent time in a bar knows that a dollar drink is all the