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Google Maps for Bicyclists

Yesterday, Google announced that it has added biking directions to Google Maps for the United States. Whether you ride for exercise, to run errands, to commute to work, or just for fun, Google Maps can now make your life little easier, a little more scenic, and even a little safer.  No matter why you ride

Little Buddy Child Tracker – An Easy Way to Stalk Your Children

For the Love of Our Children Most parents are willing to go through extremes to protect and closely monitor their children. It’s perfectly understandable. As a parent myself, I want to ensure my child’s safety, no matter how deep or how far I have to go to do it, even if it means getting a

Avoid Personal Loans and Debt by Staying Healthy

Healthcare Insurance Costs Sky High Healthcare insurance was never cheap to begin with and has always been a strain on personal finances. With the cost of living now on the rise, many people are forced to take out personal loans to meet their expenses, including healthcare insurance. Rather than taking a loan to add to
Heidi De Jong Barsuglia: she who gets spanked (Photo:

Heidi Dejong Barsuglia Pictures | Hot Lobby, Check it and See

Young and blonde in bed with old and fat Orange County California Assemblyman Mike Duvall, 54, has been spanked by the media for his penchant for spanking and having his way with lobbyist Heidi Dejong Barsuglia, 36 (“De Jong” is actually the correct form), and at least one other woman. Now he has resigned his
Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies | Tracing money from the fund-raising

Girl Scout Cookies are going on sale soon, and there are millions of people waiting with excitement. Girl Scout Cookies season differs slightly for every region of the country. The amount of money each troop gets from Girl Scout Cookies is a relatively small portion of each box. The Girl Scout Cookies season Girl Scout
He didn't put his sale on Craigslist, so Yard Sale Treasure Map users can't find him. (Photo:

Yard Sale Treasure Map | Find Deals In Your Neighborhood!

Summer’s Fine, But Fall is Great For Savings Yard sales tend to begin in the summer when the weather’s fine, but depending upon where you live, they can go on well into the fall. Sure, the winds may blow cold and the leaves may coat the ground, but that never stops a true bargain hunter
401 Trail in Colorado.

Find fun trails and enjoy the ride

Almost anywhere you go there are resources that can help you find fun trails to explore. There are many bike trails to consider, and if you aren’t into biking, you can hike them, instead. There are websites with GPS coordinates and maps to help you find your way. There are many groups of people who
Skymall Jumpin Jammerz page.

Think Jumpin Jammerz for comfort and convenience

You no doubt remember where you were when Kid ‘N Play exclaimed that it was time for a pajama jammie jam in the film “House Party.” Be still your beating hearts, consumers, because it’s time to take the floor in your footed pajamas again, thanks to Jumpin Jammerz. At, you can rediscover the miracle
Photo of a person who appears to be drowning in the sea of a cluttered room.

Get clutter under control for the holidays

The holidays are a busy time, and we need to be at our best. A large part of this state of being revolves around being happy with our homes, so Psychology Today has some suggestions for how to get in-home clutter under control. Don’t be a pack rat – make de-cluttering a part of your
Get your 2010 Bay to Breakers Race Results!

Bay to Breakers Race Results 2010

For much of the nation, it is the heart of the running season. Bay to Breakers is a celebration for runners and the Bay to Breakers Race Results 2010 are the reward. Bay to Breakers is held the third Sunday in May in San Francisco. Bay to Breakers is arguably the largest 12k road race

Fighting the Recession By Any Means Necessary

Fighting the good fight The recession has made downsizing a bigger fact of life than ever before, or least as big of an issue as it has been since the Great Depression. Decreased consumer business, a lack of credit available and the increasing costs of things like health care make the waters extremely rough for

Thanks to helpful Santa Orange County marriage proposal goes well

While working malls and tree fantasies around the country, Santa is often called on to offer a special helping hand. Jonathan Nguyen and his girlfriend, Jenny Hoang, have been dating since 2001, so he wanted to make his proposal special. To do this, Jonathan enlisted the help of a Santa for his Orange County marriage

When to Say ‘No’ To Requests for More Money

More Parents in Debt Hundreds of adult Americans, aged 22 and over, are working full time and earning a decent wage, yet they depend on their parents for financial assistance. These are students who have urged their parents to take out personal loans to finance their education. Having convinced their parents about the necessity to
Kindle E-Reader

Top Tech Gifts for the 2010 holidays | Your five best bets

Tech gifts have always been popular,  for good reason. Top tech gifts are usually something that someone won’t buy for themselves or at least put off the purchase of. The top tech gifts for the 2010 holidays cover a wide price range and many of the people on your gift list. Point-and-shoot cameras Even though
Lt. Dan Choi leading a gay-rights rally

Lt. Dan Choi arrested during DADT protest

Just outside the White House today, openly gay Iraq veteran Lt. Dan Choi and others were arrested while marching to the White House after a Human Rights Campaign rally. No word yet if group members will be getting quick loans to bail out Lt. Dan Choi or the other arrested individuals. The group was marching
Simplifying your finances doesn't have to be difficult. With these six simple steps, you can get a better handle on your money. (Photo:

Debt Relief | Simplify your Finances in 6 Easy Steps

The 80/20 Rule When it comes to the 80/20 rule, I’ve been requesting it to everything in my life, especially in regards to subjects such as financial stability and debt relief. When it comes to my home, work, car, clothes and even my wallet, I have been trying to get rid of all the subterfuge
Pop Quiz

Sporkle versus Sporcle | Entertainment website showdown

So, you’re looking for somewhere online to spend some time – so should you be spending that time on Sporkle or Sporcle? Yes, Sporkle and Sporcle are different websites, and while they will both very effectively eat up time, they are far from the same. While you’re waiting a few minutes for your online payday