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Offshore wind farm

Cape Wind project approved | Arguments for and against

Cape Wind has been one of the most hotly debated renewable power projects in the country. Now that Cape Wind has been approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the debate is getting even more frantic. If Cape Wind is built, it will be the first-ever U.S. offshore wind development and would be able
Gabrielle Giffords

Jared Loughner due in court to face charges in Tuscon shooting

Jared Loughner, the man accused of carrying out the Tuscon shooting rampage, will be appearing in court on Jan. 10. He will be arraigned on numerous charges, including murder and attempted murder. He is said to not be cooperating with investigators. Court appearance for Jared Loughner for arraignment The man accused of carrying out the
The Pentagon City Metro Station

John Patrick Bedell left an extensive digital archive as JPatrickBedell

Yesterday evening, a man officials believe to be John Patrick Bedell in a business suit and armed with two semi-automatic weapons opened fire on the Pentagon. He was killed in the ensuing gunfight, but John Patrick Bedell leaves behind a digital archive laden with conspiracy theories, anti-government manifestos, and new economy theories based on “information
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Shannon Lee Dedrick | Seven month-old Baby Found Under Bed

There’s Never an Excuse Child cruelty is something I do not take too kindly to. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, placing a child in any type of danger is absolutely intolerable. Being a responsible parent requires time and mass amounts of love and effort. Of course, things can get

Obama proposes doubling of the child care tax credit

Nervous about slow growth? Throw money at it! America’s economic recovery may not be coming along as fast as you prefer. Since scoring political points is akin to sucking up Cheez-Its for hungry politicians, change cannot come fast enough. In other news, President Obama has proposed doubling the child care tax credit as part of
A court gavel sitting on a legal document.

Michael Skakel | Fifth appeal of murder conviction denied

Michael Skakel, the nephew of Robert Kennedy’s widow Ethel, was denied his fifth appeal today. Michael Skakel was convicted of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley, his brother’s girlfriend. Michael Skakel has never confessed to Martha Moxley’s murder, and this latest appeal was based on the implication that two other men may have been responsible.

Lieberman Citizenship bill | Making it easier to strip rights

Though Lieberman has not yet introduced legislation in congress, the Lieberman citizenship bill is already raising tensions on both sides of the aisle. Many legal experts have called this possible bill “draconian,” and civil rights experts are picking the bill apart. In the end, small cash loans are rarely the only thing people need for
Black History Month

Top 10 court cases | Black History Month

February is Black History Month Black History Month is here, and it’s time to study up. A good way to trace some of the important events in black history is to look at Supreme Court decisions that directly affected African-Americans. Not all of these decisions were victories, but they all were important in black history.
Sarah Palin is an example of the political empowerment of women.

A government with powerful women

Empowerment of women has been increasing steadily over the past three decades. Transformations in society are aimed at giving women the power to increase their social and political status. This social awareness destroyed the age-old concept of a subordinate woman, reaching across the race, class, age and ethnic background of women across the globe. Today,
A poster depicting a cartoon monster crushing the words "peer review."

FTC cracking down on Astroturfing in Apple App Store

Apple has a good thing going with the App Store, the place for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad applications. Various financial estimates place Apple’s annual profit at more than $400 million, and some consider that estimate to be conservative. But apparently that money has done little to motivate Steve Jobs and company to make the
A closeup of a handgun

Columbine anniversary sparks annual spike in gun control debate

The Columbine school shooting happened 11 years ago today — at the Colorado high school where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 classmates and a teacher and wounded 23 others before shooting themselves. At the time, the Columbine massacre ignited an intense debate over gun control and was one of the top news stories
Spoof of famous “American Gothic” painting in which the farmer couple is showing their citizenship papers.

Colorado introduces SB 1070-like immigration reform bill

In the wake of Arizona’s SB 1070, numerous state legislatures have brought copycat bills to a vote, BlogCritics reports. On Jan. 19, the Colorado Senate introduced SB 11-054, which would require police to detain those persons suspected of being undocumented immigrants, ostensibly because such actions will reduce domestic terrorism. However, critics claim that much like
Catalytic Converter

Precious metal and gasoline theft increasing nationwide

Incidents of theft of precious metals and gasoline have started to increase nationwide. Gasoline theft has been observed during previous periods of high gas prices, and people are stealing precious metals such as platinum and copper at an increasing pace. Precious metals will always have a market. Keep an eye on the catalytic converter One

Kansas Payday Loan Store Employee Foils Robbers

Payday loan store not robbed Kansas seems to be a pretty popular place for payday loan store robberies. However, the workers at payday loan stores are getting wise. Check out this story from The Wichita Eagle: WICHITA — Two men attempted to rob a payday loan business Monday, but were foiled when an employee was
The Kentucky capitol building.

Payday loan reprieve: Kentucky House Bill 182 fails to pass

Kentucky lawmakers who stood behind House Bill 182 are now wallowing in the agony of defeat, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. The proposed legislation that would have cut the APR payday lenders may charge to 36 percent was voted down 13-10 in the Kentucky House Banking and Insurance Committee. Military loans remain capped at 36 percent