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Save money and get free Christmas wallpapers online. (Photo via pagedooley,

Free Christmas Wallpapers – Quick and Easy Downloads

‘Tis the Season to Save Money Saving money is the biggest thing I have in mind for the holidays. I’m going to target anything and everything that can save me money this year. For instance, every year I would buy Christmas wallpaper. It doesn’t matter where I get it, whether it’s from Wal-Mart or the
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Guy Fawkes Night | Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Remember, remember the 5th of November OK, a lot of us saw V for Vendetta, but people were commemorating Guy Fawkes’ Night  (November 5th) a long time before the movie came out, and certainly before the graphic novel (that the more sophisticated and discerning among us have read) that the movie was based on came
Check out a recipe for Molten Chocolate Cake below. Image from Flickr.

National Chocolate Day a Reason to Celebrate

Gifts and gets on National Chocolate Day People celebrate holidays for many reasons. Religion, tradition, family, patriotism and sometime just for fun. Everyone has their favorite small, unexplainable holiday. Mine is National Punctuation Day. However, I think many of you might adopt today as your new favorite holiday, if you haven’t already. It’s National Chocolate
Zhu Zhu pets are like this guy, but they aren't alive. However, many thousands of kids don't care. (Photo:

Toys R Us Names Zhu Zhu Pets Hottest Holiday Toy in 2009

What Can Zhu Zhu Do For You? Retail stores are getting ready for the Christmas shopping season, which means that people who aren’t compulsively early shoppers are getting ready to buy their gifts. If that means getting in touch with personal loan companies to bankroll the whole operation, so be it. What a person decides
Labor Day in New York, 1882 (Photo:

What is Labor Day? A Day to Celebrate Labor, of Course

Closing the summer by honoring workers What is Labor Day? Why do we celebrate Labor Day? According to Wikipedia, this holiday originated in Canada and was intended to remind people of various labor disputes between workers and business owners in the late 19th century. It migrated to the United States after American labor leader Peter
An Eiffel Tower replica is used in commemorating Bastille Day in Milwaukee.

Bastille Day | French, History and Modern Economics

Bastille Day: A French holiday in English Bastille Day is a French holiday celebrating the day in 1789 when French troops first stormed the Bastille, the center of royal power in Paris. Rather, “Bastille Day” is an Americanized version of that holiday. See, in France, no one calls it Bastille Day. So if you’re looking