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Despite new health care changes, consumers are still using savings and short term loans to fund expenses.

Consumers seek short term loans for medical expenses

Studies are showing that the 50 million Americans who are without medical insurance are using short term loans to cover their growing medical expenses. This group of consumers is the target of President Obama and his health care program. Unfortunately, his plans may be thwarted because there are still a lot of things to be
A photo of a cup of McDonald's oatmeal.

McDonalds oatmeal: Healthy breakfast or marketing sham?

McDonald’s has introduced its new oatmeal to appeal to consumers seeking a healthy breakfast, and the fast food giant markets it as a “bowl full of wholesome.” But as New York Times Magazine food columnist Mark Bittman suggests, all may not be as full of healthy, all-natural goodness as advertised. McDonald’s oatmeal: Not so healthy,
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Obama Picks Regina Benjamin to Be Surgeon General

In times of trouble, it takes resiliency and determination to pick up the pieces of a shattered existence and rebuild it better than it was before. If you have budget problems, a cash advance or cash loan can help you avoid danger and begin to rebuild your credit in the process. When it comes to

Top 10 ways to decrease your appetite

Did you fall off the wagon this Super Bowl? I am a proponent of doing many things – not all – in moderation. Eating is one of those things. While I do not yet claim success in practicing all of the following methods to control my appetite, I figure that where there’s a will, there’s
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Working mothers have more obese kids, says study

Numerous studies indicate that childhood obesity has more than tripled over the past three decades. According to a new study by an American University professor, a common theme among obese children is working mothers who are frequently away from home. Families with mothers who worked more hours had children with a higher body mass index
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“Deadly Doctors” Column Exposes Obamacare (Pt .1)

Policing deadly doctors The battle over health care reform is making monkeys out of people on both sides of the political fence. There are thugs who make it their business to scream, bluster and whine in the most bellicose way possible so that people interested in intelligent debate are drowned out. There are others (even
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AstraZeneca Seroquel settlement reached

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has just reached a settlement with the Department of Justice over AstraZeneca Seroquel investigations.  The drug Seroquel, an anti-psychotic medication, has come under fire for being marketed for unapproved purposes.  The drugmaker has agreed to pay the Department of Justice $520 million in restitution.  It will hardly make them think about

Pregnant Woman Pregnant Again | A Rare Superfetation Case

A son conceived 2 ½ weeks after a daughter Todd and Julia Grovenburg of Arkansas are expecting new additions to their family. However, unlike the vast majority of expectant mothers with two kids on the way, Julia Grovenburg isn’t going to have twins, and the children aren’t going to be at least nine months apart.
A happy teenage boy smiles for the camera in close-up. Is he using breast milk face cream to keep his skin free and clear?

Breast milk face cream | Nano-bomb those zits away

If you have trouble keeping your skin smooth and clean, breast milk face cream is on the scene. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, research scientists at the University of California have discovered that an ingredient found in breast milk called lauric acid has acne-fighting power. Unlike most commercial treatments, breast milk face cream produces

TWLOHA | To Write Love On Her Arms tours for awareness

In the face of a friend’s depression, addiction and suicide, it can be easy to feel helpless. The To Write Love On Her Arms campaign gives a way to help. TWLOHA is a non-profit movement that aims to present hope for those struggling by informing, inspiring and investing. To Write Love On Her Arms aims
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Love is a natural painkiller

Pain is a subjective experience. In a medical setting, pain assessment is established through facial expressions, scales and verbal descriptions. Every individual undergoes different kinds of pain. Physical pain can be caused by illness, trauma or surgery. Emotional pain could be caused by a death of a loved one, divorce, sexual abuse or loss of
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Fosamax and femur fractures : FDA is investigating possible links

A connection between Fosamax and femur fractures is currently under investigation by the FDA. Fosamax is a drug intended to treat bone weakness, though some doctors have been noticing a possible connection to Fosamax and fractured bones. The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency out of the UK published information in March of 2009 about the
A car is fast approaching in the background as two feet are visible in the foreground. The person whose feet we see is apparently considered this one of the best "ways to commit sucide," or "ways to commit suicide" if you care to spell it properly.

Ways to commit sucide (sic) spurs Google to offer help

Google is always searching for new ways to aid people in their online searches via customized suggestive ads, but who could have predicted that something like “ways to commit sucide” (sic) would be one of the more popular searches for which the company could help the public? How to find payday loans or a cash

Pill identifier | Know you’ve got the right drugs

With hundreds of thousands of different pharmaceuticals on the market, it is no surprise that many people need a pill identifier to help them out. The original pill identifier, the Physician’s Desk Reference, can still be very useful, but what happens if you want to use a pill identifier for a drug you don’t know

Health Care Costs Predicted to do Little for Debt Relief

Consumers looking for debt relief may not find it with growing health care costs. According to consultants from, the cost of health insurance coverage is poised to increase 9 percent in 2010. Individuals may see an even greater jump in their premium costs. The rise in prices are partially attributed to current workers unsure

Egg recall redo | 288,000 eggs recalled from habitual violator

In what seems like deja-vu, an egg recall has been ordered for an Ohio egg farm. Cal-Maine foods ordered the recall after the FDA informed them that eggs from the Ohio Fresh Eggs farm had tested positive for salmonella. Ohio Fresh Eggs is partially owned by the same man that owns Hillandale Farms and Wright
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Dead Baby Found Alive | ¿Milagro o Farca?

Miracle or farce? How is it that a country that is the world’s third largest exporter of chalk boards and a significant beef exporter make such a mistake? Are their doctors working with Fisher Price tools? How can a dead baby be found alive… during the child’s funeral? That’s right: premature baby declared dead wakes