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7.0 Earthquake Rocks Okinawa, No Major Damage

Tsunami warning issued and withdrawn A tsunami warning was issued today following a powerful undersea earthquake off the coast of Okinawa, the southern-most island of Japan.  The tremor was centered about 50 miles east of Naha approximately18 miles below the seabed. Various sources have reported that the earthquake measured anywhere from 6.9 to 7.3 on

Wedding Cans:The Story of Andrea, Pete & How it All Started

Before Wedding Cans I think it was that castle that really got the wheels turning and drove Andrea Parrish to create the Wedding Cans project. She had always planned on keeping the costs as low as possible, and at first she set out to find people who’d let them have it in their backyard for
Tiger Woods (Image from keithallison, Flickr.com)

Tiger Woods’ Tigress Demands her Pound of Flesh

It Was Bound to Happen For days we have been reading about Tiger Woods and his now notorious escapades. He has had the time of his life with his fame, fortune, and frolics. News is now coming out that Elin Woods, the estranged partner of Tiger, is seeking a divorce. The reason mentioned is that
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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Finally Flies | Going Green in the Skies

Dreamliner comes true “YAY, I can’t wait to see it!!” a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. She included a link to MSNBC’s story about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a new aircraft the company test-drove today. My friend’s excitement is shared by many, including frequent flyers, environmentalists and people who have been looking forward
forest fire

Diamond Bar Fire | No Home Damage Reported

Diamond Bar fire well contained Southern California’s hot, dry climate is a perfect support system for fires, so it is understandable that the state spares no expense when it comes to fighting them. Today when it was reported that several small brush fires were started along a highway in Diamond Bar, the Los Angeles County
Don't worry, the cats who were at the Montgomery Animal Shelter are safe. Image from Flikr.com.

Montgomery Animal Shelter Closing Subject of False Rumors

With great power comes great responsibility Everyone knows the Internet is a powerful thing. Through massive social networking sites, you can get a message to numerous people instantly. However, the Montgomery Animal Shelter closing story is an example of the fact that if you’re going to disseminate a message to the masses, you’d better make