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Repair Your Credit Score in 6 Weeks or Less

Credit Correction: Legally Correct a Bad Credit Report and Repair Your Score in 6 Weeks or Less Complete video course on how to correct bad credit. You will learn: how to identify mistakes, tricks to increase your score quickly, how to contact the major credit agencies, what the scores mean, what is a desirable score,
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Great California Garage Sale to Raise Money for State

Schwarzenegger gets creative California’s budget crisis may seem like an overwhelming lost cause to some, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting up a fight. His latest plan to get some emergency money to fight the state deficit is the Great California Garage Sale. The state is now using online resources including Craigslist and eBay to

Cut Your Spending | Part III

Start saving cash today Sometimes you really do need an installment loan to make ends meet. But an easy cash loan isn’t the only way to round up extra cash. Here are some money-saving ideas that might help you save cash now and make it easier to manage your expenses. Keep moving and don’t touch
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Little Tikes Recall On Workshop Sets and Trucks

Parents, be alert and aware Parents, we all want to know that our children are safe when it comes to the toys they play with. After the recent scare with Chinese toys and unacceptable levels of lead in the paint used, we’re all paying closer attention to the quality of toys our youngsters are using
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Hillary Clinton Angry | “I’m Secretary, Not My Husband!”

Lost in translation Recently, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a town hall-style meeting at the Congolese capital of Kinshasa. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, her stop is part of an 11-day tour through Africa to promote “development and good governance, and to underscore the Obama administration’s commitment” to aiding the

Who’s Winning the Clunker Derby?

The numbers are in According to a list compiled by the National Transportation Safety Administration, compact cars and hybrids are top sellers in the Cash for Clunkers trade-in program. The average combined city and highway fuel economy of the top ten cars ranges from 27 to 33 miles per gallon, depending on which versions people
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Clinton Secures Pardon For U.S. Reporters in N. Korea

That’s Bill, not Hillary Not that Hillary couldn’t have gotten the job done. She’s more than capable. But Bill had already established a relationship with the North Korean government; they’ve even requested to meet with him specifically a few times over the past 15 years. What job am I talking about? After “exhaustive conversation” with

Cash For Clunkers Bill | Insult and Injury to Obamacare?

We await the Senate vote on Cash For Clunkers Sen. McCain has already made it known that he didn’t approve of the original $1 billion allotted for the Cash For Clunkers bill, so he definitely doesn’t approve of funneling $2 billion more into it. He will do all he can short of a filibuster (the

UPDATE: House OKs $2 Billion More For Cash For Clunkers

Mo’ money, mo’ clunkers If you were worried like we were that Cash For Clunkers was suspended due to lack of funds, worry not. It’s halfway to being extended, thanks to a House vote that approved $2 billion more dollars for the program. Now the program might last… a couple more weeks! Because people are

Cash For Clunkers Suspended?

The money may have run out – ALREADY! America needs strong, decisive action from its government that will restore consumer faith in the economy. One of the vehicles President Obama had planned to use to help those of us who are hamstrung by the high cost of gasoline was the Cash For Clunkers program, also
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The Secret Millionaire’s Club | Teaching Kids About Money

Making money education fun What have we learned about the way people handle money lately? Loose and lazy seems to be the general rule in America, in that people don’t tend to plan as much for the future as they should and operate on instant gratification. Lack of impulse control is common. Yet the current
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Clougherty Packing LLC | Sign of Stimulus Pork Obesity

Our tax dollars are funding $1 million ham? Are your tax dollars hard at work, making President Obama’s stimulus plan the biggest, baddest stimulus fighting machine it can be? Is it helping America recover from this gigantic recession? Let me just say that you shouldn’t give up your payday loans and unsecured loans based upon

Efusjon.com EDGE | Energy Drink Without the Crash

A toast to energy with www.efusjon.com As you already know if you’re a regular reader of the Personal Money Store blog, I spend much of my time writing about current events that can make a difference in your life. These stories may be directly related to politics, entertainment or other issues that affect consumers, but