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Katie Spotz appears to be a normal 22-year-old woman. But inside her beats the heart of a survivor.

Katie Spotz becomes youngest ever to row an ocean solo

“Endurance is patience concentrated.” – Thomas Carlyle Katie Spotz, 22, knows something about endurance. After 2,817 miles of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, she endured all that the elements and her body could throw at her. Now she is the youngest person ever to row across an ocean solo. Her 70-day, five-hour, 22-minute journey from

USPS May Cut Saturday Delivery Service

In an effort to curb anticipated shortfalls, the U.S. Postal Service may discontinue Saturday delivery service, cut down on overtime, raise postal rates, and layoff about 30,000 of its 596,000 employees. According to a new article on Reuters.com, USPS chief financial officer Joseph Corbet made that announcement just hours ago. The recent proliferation of private

AIG Has “Excellent Chance” to Repay Bailout Money

Will it be enough to restore confidence? Of all the companies the United States government has bailed out during this recession, few have drawn as intense a degree of the public’s ire as American International Group, the company that is commonly known as AIG. Their indiscriminate use of the credit default swap seemingly didn’t include

Chocomize | Custom chocolate with a charitable twist

Chocomize, a company based in Cherry Hill, N.J., is the latest in build-your-own tastyness. Chocomizing will let you choose your chocolate and up to 100 add-ins, and deliver it right to your door in just a few days. The chocolate from Chocomize can be ordered one-at-a-time or in bulk — however you prefer. The appeal
Rather than being a product of impulse or vanity, payday loans are a reflection of consumers' reaction to a harsh economic climate. (Photo: flickr.com)

Payday Loans and Tax Rebates: How Consumers Handle Shocks

Educated Consumers Use Payday Loans During the Recession There currently exists no definitive study of how payday loans are used. Researchers from both sides of the aisle (pro and anti-payday loan interests) are working on it, however. For now, there are studies like “What Do High-Interest Borrowers Do With Their Tax Rebate?” by Marianne Bertrand

Chilean miners’ rescue draws closer

Recently, it was disclosed that the Chilean miners’ rescue was close. The rescue is set to begin at midnight on Tuesday, Oct. 12. The Chilean miners have been trapped in the mine for the past two months after a collapse. A shaft was drilled down to the trapped miners to create a line for food

Vision Airlines | US Government flies Russian spies in style

During the US-Russia spy swap this morning, the U.S. was represented not by a military plane, but by Vision Airlines. A private charter company out of Las Vegas, Vision Airlines usually transports vacationers. Some are questioning the use of a private charter company for government business. Vision Airlines swaps spies In a moment that looked
Photo of a WikiLeaks icon.

WikiLeaks posts secret CIA documents

The release of documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan by WikiLeaks has been the cause of a great deal of controversy. Though WikiLeaks maintains it would never release any information that could put soldiers in danger, the release of somewhat sensitive documents has continued. A recent release from the site is quite interesting. It’s

How to finance your home improvement projects

According to Fox Business, Americans are likely to spend more than $121 billion on home improvement in 2010, so knowing how to finance home improvement is important. Here are seven financing options. How to finance home improvement: Seven possibilities Breaking a larger concept down into smaller parts makes it much less daunting; that includes how
(Photo: apartmentresource.com)

Apartment Guide Contest | Free Rent For 1 Year!

And they will have residency It’s tough sledding for all of us out there when it comes to making our mortgage and rent payments. Payday loans and short term loans might help once in a while, but the hard reality is that what we’re earning has failed to keep up with everyday costs.  Being in

Vegetable packages recalled for glass in frozen peas

A frozen vegetables recall has been announced by the manufacturer. The frozen vegetable packages in question were found to have shards of glass in packages of peas. So far, the recall appears to have only been from a single lot of frozen vegetables. There are four packages that may contain them. The recall is nationwide,
IRS refund status

How to check IRS refund status

Checking IRS refund status is easy If it has been more than 72 hours since you electronically filed your taxes, it’s easy to check your IRS refund status. First, make sure you know the exact amount of your refund. Don’t round up or down! Also, have your social security number handy. You’ll also need to

Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 | State of calamity extended

In downtown Guatemala City, a sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 has opened up. It’s 30 meters across, and the sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 swallowed a three-story building. This sinkhole was partially caused by Tropical Storm Agatha, which killed at least 115 people. Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 The sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 opened up on Monday evening.

Cash For Clunkers List | What the EPA Made Ineligible

How did these vehicles suddenly gain mpg? If you’re the owner of one of the cars on the following Cash For Clunkers list, I’m sorry. You’re simply out of luck if you had planned to take advantage of the up to $4,500 voucher good toward the purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient car or truck.

U.S. News and World Report College Rankings 2010

U.S. News names best universities Choosing a college is an important, expensive decision. Several publications every year come out with college rankings, and U.S. News and World Report has named the best colleges to attend in 2010. Just as you want to get the best auto financing you possibly can, you must pick a college
a satellite view of hurricane katrina

Hurricane Alex veers away from gulf oil spill but still threatens

Hurricane Alex may not become an actual hurricane until Tuesday. But for now, tropical storm Alex, the first named storm of hurricane season 2010, appears to be heading away from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. A hurricane watch has been issued for the coasts of south Texas and northeastern Mexico. On
Map of China

Qinghai Earthquake | Map of China earthquake

At 7:49 a.m. local time in China, earthquake today killed more than 400 people and injured more than 10,000 people. The Qinghai Earthquake started with a 6.9 shake, and was followed by aftershocks that clocked in at 5.3 and 5.8. The China earthquake today hit a Tibetan area in the south of Qinghai province. After