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CenturyTel Qwest deal one of the biggest in history

CenturyTel and Qwest announced plans for CenturyTel to buy Qwest in a $10.6 billion stock swap instead of cash now. The deal will be one of the biggest telecommunications deals in history if it goes through. The combination of CenturyTel, Inc., the fifth largest local phone company, and Qwest Communications, the third largest, creates a
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Free Cone Day, Free Pastry Day | Free Treats Tuesday

March 23, 2010, will be a great day for just about anybody who has a sweet tooth – Ben and Jerry’s will be holding its annual Free Cone Day, and Starbucks Coffee will be holding its Free Pastry Day at the same time. Free Pastry Day has a few strings, and it runs only until

Payday Cash is Coming in Differently in 2010

Today’s job market In today’s job market, finding payday cash is no longer a 9-to-5 pursuit for college-aged workers. More and more young people are finding that the non-traditional work made possible by working online is lucrative and flexible. Take Natalie Ann Roig, for example. She began a marketing internship and is able to clock

Is Apple banning location-based ads in iPhone apps?

We know they’re a monopoly, but why abuse app community even more? Apple has not made many friends with its App Store acceptance policies. Viewed in turns as both arbitrary and petty in their efforts to protect what they view as their property rights, Apple has cracked down on many App Store developers who are

Dairy farmers look to borrow money to make it in this economy

One dairy farmer’s struggle Patty Beyer, partner in Moserdale Dairy Company, said, “When you can’t pay the bills, you have to borrow money and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a lot of emotional stress.” Beyer owns a dairy farm in Copenhagen, New York that milks 350 cows

Online news readers may find emergency money dwindling

Paying for news stories It’s critical to have emergency money in today’s market, but the New York Times isn’t making it easy. Many avid readers of the New York Times Online are going to be in for a big surprise next year. Mark Zandi, economist for Moody’s, said, “The internet is free and more

Many businesses find the year’s end the best time to strategize

End of year reflections When it comes to the end of the year, many business owners do a lot of reflection. It’s a great time to sit back and take stock in how productive a year has been, whether or not goals have been achieved and how the coming year’s performance is projected. Tweaking a

Installment Loans are All in a Days’ Work for an Entrepreneur

Making the Decision to be an Entrepreneur Bank statements, installment loans, accounts payables and receivables are all parts of a small business that owners must be aware of. With the market as unstable as it is, a lot of people are looking into becoming entrepreneurs. Though it sounds like a good plan, experts are cautioning

Installment Loans Fund Businesses But Failure May be Best Asset

Metro Box Company Marty Metro funded his small business with savings, installment loans, and bank lending. His business was eco-friendly by providing used moving boxes to the greater metro area. He quickly opened one business, then another, and then another. With a total of three locations, most people believed his business was the next big
Networking is an essential part of being human. You never know who you might meet – or who might need personal loans for new transistors! (Photo:

Networking Advice for Money Now and Success in Anything

Networking is Everything In most any business, networking usually helps secure money now. Think of it as a personal loan. Be a friend to others and they’ll be a friend to you. The music industry thrives on the connections made between old colleagues, business associates and bosses. The sports, publishing, science, movie and fashion industries
Small business ideas are great for starting small. If you don't have lots of capital, try to start an online business!

Starting a Small Business

Basic Business Principles We have all considered it and some of us are either naturally good at it or require a lot of research and development before we find the perfect business idea. A lot of people frown on the prospect of starting a business and usually put it in the same category as winning
Save your receipts and use installment loans when needed, home-based business owners!

Self-Employed Business Owners Using Installment Loans

Business Owners Saving Money via Overseas Accounts Small business owners are using installment loans to fund their businesses. The recession has affected every consumer, from the individual to the business owner. Fortunately business owners have some leeway in financing and savings. Many small business owners are shelving money away into overseas investment vehicles and using

Earn Extra Cash | Affiliate Article Marketing Program

Show you the money? No problem If you’re like me, you’re suspicious or perhaps even downright dismissive when you read about ways to make extra cash online. But I am so happy (and richer) because I gave the Affiliate Article Marketing Program a try. Do you want to hear some numbers? How about two. That’s
The way things are going, small businesses are going to need more than that. What about a cash advance for all? (Photo:

Do We Need a Cash Advance or More Small Businesses?

America Could Use a Bit of Each The U.S. has finally traveled out of the dark ages of recession, or so it seems, because a few people I know have had to utilize cash advance loans to keep their businesses afloat. Many of financial hardships that people are facing aren’t spewing forth from a lack
Cash advance loans can be a fast cash infusion for businesses, too. (Photo:

Cash Advance Loans for Businesses

Financial Emergencies in Business All businesses should be capable of weathering any situation, good or bad. This is of dire importance, particularly when these situations affect the money that is invested in the business. To help businesses deal with the evolving and sometimes unstable economy, there are now cash advance loans. These loans are helpful

Cash Advance Loans for New Businesses

The Needs of New Small Businesses Opening up a new business can be easier with cash advance loans. There are many instances in which the owner of a small business might need large sums of cash to further their business during its initial stages. These needs will not lessen until the business is completely up
Employing relatives in a family business can be a reward path to debt relief, but some precautions are necessary. (Photo:

Many Business Owners are Hiring Relatives to Find Debt Relief

Hiring Family Members The search for debt relief has been a strong incentive for business owners to employ their relatives. Statistics are showing that of the six-million-member pool of small businesses in the U.S., about 20 percent of those with 100 employees or more, involve two or more family members. Analysts are speculating that these