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Photo of a woman doing a tae kwon do workout in sports bra and shorts.

Westin Hotels offers exercise gear for business travelers

Frequent business travel is far from luxurious for most working men and women. Having to lug around extra baggage from place to place simply to keep up with one’s exercise routine becomes increasingly burdensome as destinations mount. According to the Wall Street Journal, Westin Hotels feels the pain of health-conscious businesspeople looking to travel light.
Sal alosi wont be dating cheerleaders on his salary

Sal Alosi salary takes big hit as punishment for tripping player

Sal Alosi wasn’t thinking about his salary when he tripped an opposing player running down the sideline Sunday. The New York Jets strength coach, a former college linebacker, impulsively stuck a leg out to trip a Miami Dolphin covering a punt return. Sal Alosi’s salary took a major hit when he was fined and suspended
A “Google vs. Facebook” graphic depicting Google's Eric Schmidt and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, each with devil horns.

Facebook unleashes Gmail killer on Monday

While Google has a head start in the webmail client field with Gmail, Facebook believes they have a Gmail killer that’s ready for the world. TechCrunch reports that Facebook will roll out Project Titan on Monday. Experts predict that Facebook’s highly anticipated webmail client could give Gmail a run for its money. News of the

The Newsweek Daily Beast | Marrying to go different directions

In an announcement made this morning, “The Daily Beast” founder Tina Brown confirmed that the website will be merging with Newsweek. The two media properties have entered a full half-and-half partnership with one another. The combined The Newsweek Daily Beast Company will share one editor, who plans on fully making use of both sides of
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing stops 787 Dreamliner test flights after emergency landing

Customers waiting for the long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner are going to have to wait a little longer. A fire broke out in the cabin of a 787 on a test flight Tuesday, forcing an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas. Boeing suspended further test flights of the Dreamliner indefinitely after production had already been delayed by
Apple Pie

Cooks Source | Delivering homegrown justice for stolen content

“Cooks Source” is, all things considered, a relatively small publication. The magazine is a Western New England foodie magazine that publishes free editions online, and until today it was a relative unknown. After being called out for stealing content, however, “Cooks Source” has become a poster child for internet writers justice. The ‘Tale of Two

SCVNGR goes global, unleashes zombie horde on businesses

SCVNGR, an online service that is part social network, part game and part advertising platform, has expanded. Using Google’s locations API, SCVNGR will be offering its services worldwide. This new worldwide SCVNGR will offer a wide variety of services, including spreading a zombie horde. SCVNGR integrates locations into gaming SCVNGR is a service that uses
Toilet Paper

Tubeless toilet paper | Rolling out a new way to roll

The toilet paper market is not one that sees much innovation. However, Scott brand toilet paper has come up with a new development that promises to save trash and space. Tubeless toilet paper is going on the market in the Northeast, soon to be expanded. The current toilet paper market The “modern” toilet paper market
southwest airlines, new color scheme for airtran planes

Is the AirTran/Southwest merger good or bad for consumers?

AirTran has been purchased by Southwest Airlines for $1.42 billion in a deal that merges two of the largest discount airlines in the U.S. southwest’s acquisition of AirTran enables the airline to expand to key eastern hubs and sets it up to compete with major international carriers. The deal caught travel experts off guard. Some

Safety Commission bans drop side cribs

After a series of recalls and a number of deaths, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is mulling over whether or not to ban “side cribs,” a popular infant product.  It comes on the heels of a recall of Pottery Barn Kids, and a large number of their drop-side crib products.   The cribs in question
A Tesla coil in operation

Toyota and Tesla team to top electric car market

It was announced last week that Toyota would be purchasing a large stake in Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturing firm. Tesla specializes in high-end, all-electric roadsters, including an electric sports car capable of doing more than 100 miles per hour.  Its flagship model, the Tesla Roadster, is capable of going from 0 to 60
Americans are considerably affected by small business growths.

Small business growth affects most Americans

Small businesses represent 99.7 percent (as of 2005, the latest number found) of businesses in the United States and employ more than 55 million American citizens. So think of a collection of people that you know. Roughly nine out of every 10 people you know, or simply meet on a typical day, work for a
Restaurant kitchen

Viking appliances fighting to stay profitable

There are still vestiges of good, old fashioned American manufacturing around, and a great example is the Viking Appliances company.  There are few companies that make kitchen appliances that match Viking’s quality and iconic status. The company is fighting to keep its place as a homegrown manufacturing giant, as so many products are manufactured overseas
stock trader signaling thumbs down

Wall Street panics as high speed trading tanks stock market

Wall Street breathed a little easier and the end of trading Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the day down only 348 points. Earlier in the day the stock market dropped like a rock — 1,000 points and nearly 700 points during one panic-stricken stretch. On Friday Nasdaq canceled the trades of 296 stocks
An upward perspective of buildings on Wall Street

Ford stock price and earnings soaring beyond expectations

Ford stock is blowing up and the Ford earnings report released Tuesday shows its best quarterly performance in six years at $2.1 billion. The Ford Motor Co., the only Detroit automaker not bailed out of bankruptcy with money loans from the Federal government last year, has earned a profit for four consecutive quarters while its