Money Management
Money management is vital in today’s economy. Learn some down to earth tips that may get you ahead.

Groupon Raises Money to Expand Services

Groupon connects users with discounts It appears investors are starting to get hip to the fact that the money nowadays is in saving people money. Groupon, an online service that sends coupons and alerts on discounts to its users, has raised $30 million to expand its business. Groupon is part coupon service and part social
Is it safe to shop online with credit cards? Much safer than running into a credit card ninja at night! (Photo:

Trust In Your Instincts When Shopping Online with Credit Cards

Money is on the Web Credit cards lead to the many success stories when traveling around the Web, uncovering the answer to an often taboo question: Is the Web really making money? 2009 offline and online retailers expect to see a 1.8 percent increase in 2009 sales, according to the Retail Compass Survey of 100
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Home Improvements That Can Lower Your Water Bill

Is Saving Water Worth the Effort? The availability of water is becoming a major issue throughout the United States, especially in the dry western states where some of the disputes over water resources have become truly acrimonious. The amount you spend on water is largely related to your geographic location and there is a wide
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Free Christmas Wallpapers – Quick and Easy Downloads

‘Tis the Season to Save Money Saving money is the biggest thing I have in mind for the holidays. I’m going to target anything and everything that can save me money this year. For instance, every year I would buy Christmas wallpaper. It doesn’t matter where I get it, whether it’s from Wal-Mart or the

Where Should You Put Your Savings?

Low interest rates mean low rates of return The financial collapse that began in 2008 stimulated Americans to begin saving more, with national saving rates going up significantly over the last year. However, this increase in savings also coincided with a dramatic drop in interest rates, meaning that most interest-bearing savings instruments are now earning
If you have an online book and want to generate money, get on the horn and do some online book marketing! (Photo:

Free & Effective Online Book Marketing: Get Traffic & Cash Today

Get Cash Today! Create an Author Web Site and Begin to Market After you have penned your latest manuscript, edited it and polished it, you might say, “I want my book to bring in cash today!” But first, you should create an author Web site with your book cover, blurb and an excerpt. You want

Is Your Portfolio Balanced for a Market Recovery?

Does your portfolio take advantage of current market conditions? Since the stock market crash of September 2008, most investors with significant portfolios have repeatedly reshuffled and redistributed their holdings in an effort to minimize losses. The chaos that has followed has resulted in many portfolios being significantly imbalanced and weighted in ways meant to deemphasize
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How to Earn Money in the Stock Market

Stocks: What are they? There are many companies looking for money to increase and modify their production capacities. One way they do this is by sharing the ownership of the company with individual investors. The ownership of the company is divided into many parts – there could be millions of these parts. A price is
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Debt Relief Is Just Four Steps Away

Are Debt Collectors Haunting You? I just received a phone call with a number I did not recognize.  Naturally, I let it go to my voice mail. (After all, who wants to talk to a stranger?) The caller left a message,  and out of sheer curiosity,  I listened to it. The message went something like
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Pet Owners Use Payday Loans for Emergency Pet Care

It’s no secret: People love their pets Pet owners love their animals and many of them use payday loans to pay for emergency pet care. Regardless of economic conditions, people will always find ways to provide the best care they possibly can for a loyal dog or a faithful cat. Today, the average pet owner
The Holistic Mom's Network encourages moms

Holistic Moms Network Focuses on Health and Healing

Connect with Holistic Mom’s Network The cost of medical care is weighing down families as Congress unsuccessfully tries to finish and pass a health care reform bill. Some Americans are turning their backs on the health care industry and turning to holistic medicine and avoiding illness through holistic living. The Holistic Moms Network is an
Debt relief

Banks Starting to Help Customers with Debt Relief

Banks aid consumers In an effort to attract new customers, banks are starting to help consumers with debt relief.  If you do an online search for “banks and deals,” you’ll surely find a wide variety of choices. Banks are now realizing that to bring customers in, they need to  view the economy from the consumer’s
Don't forget, even cheap furniture is expensive to ship. Image from Flikr.

Boyle’s Furniture Outlet America’s New Favorite

Boyle’s Furniture featured on ‘Today’ It never fails. Any time a business is mentioned on the “Today” show, it suddenly becomes infinitely more popular as people seek to find the company’s web site, study it and book mark it so they will be able to find it any time they are trying to do the

Cut Your Spending | Part III

Start saving cash today Sometimes you really do need an installment loan to make ends meet. But an easy cash loan isn’t the only way to round up extra cash. Here are some money-saving ideas that might help you save cash now and make it easier to manage your expenses. Keep moving and don’t touch

Cut Your Spending | Part I

Start saving your cash today Money is tight, but there are lots of simple things you can do to free up some extra cash. In fact, making just a few minor changes to your spending routines could mean you’ll never have to get a payday cash advance again. Make off-season purchases You can save lots
Israeli Pancake Mix

Convenience Foods—Thrifty or Spendy?

The Lure of Convenience Foods Ever wonder how you can rack up such a huge credit card debt so fast? Many people tend to use their credit cards at grocery stores, mostly buying convenience foods. Why the lure of these items? Why is it that people would rather spend money on pre-made convenience foods that