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Money Saving Tips because we all could use a little extra cash!

Finding Cash Today Can be as Simple as Not Buying These Items

Buying in 2010 For anyone looking to save cash today, there are money drains everywhere. The world of technology is vast and has a lot to offer. It is constantly parading new items and services in front of consumers, hoping they will consider them the next “must-have” products. 2010 is promising to be just like
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New cars are cheaper than used cars in an upside-down economy

In an economy turned upside-down, a new car loan has become more affordable that buying used. Car buyer incentives from some automakers are so generous that conventional wisdom about car buying can be tossed out the window. Certain makes and models cost less per month new than the same vehicle driven for a year by

Save Big, Get Small!

Save Big on a Gym Membership It’s New Year’s resolution time and for many people, that means deciding to join a gym and lose weight. However, since gym memberships can be expensive and often require a one-year to two-year commitment, it’s important to spend some time finding the right one for you. Let’s look at

Finding emergency money to pay taxes could be a charity away

Understanding the process of charitable contributions For consumers looking to build emergency money funds, giving to charity can help. Taxpayers can either donate cash or goods, but each one comes along with some rules via the IRS. For example, if a consumer donates money, they have to have paperwork and documentation to prove it. On
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Money-saving ways to avoid online news subscription paywalls

If you’re an online news addict with limited funds, the move toward news paywalls could be horrible news. Without information, you could end up choking in the digital dust. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use to circumvent digital news paywalls and continue to enjoy your daily information fix. Google News: A news aggregator
Plan ahead to save money on groceries.

How to Buy Groceries when Pay Day is Far Away

Is it Possible to Eat Well on a Budget? For many people, going grocery shopping can be a bit of a chore and it becomes an even more unpleasant experience when pay day is far off. You want to get as much as you can for the least amount of money, especially if you are
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Target $3 Appliances | Black Friday Chaos to Ensue

Target Black Friday ad says $3 appliances Black Friday. I understand why people head to the stores in droves when retailers advertise great in-store deals for Black Friday. What I don’t understand is why stores do this, especially in the case of Target’s $3 appliances, which are being publicized in the Target Black Friday ad.
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No Cash Now? Give Great Holiday Gifts on a Tight Budget

Recession causes holiday stress This is the time of year for giving, but with the current economy you may be short on cash now. Exchanging gifts can be a fun and exciting part of the holiday season, but can also be a source of stress and worry. There is the hassle of figuring out what
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Keep an eye out for commonly overlooked tax deductions

It’s easy to overlook tax deductions buried deep within the thicket of the U.S. tax code. Millions of Americans overpay their taxes every year by overlooking tax deductions. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an accountant to find tax deductible expenses. The incredible value of tax deductions About 46 million U.S.
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Cheap and Simple New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2010

New Year’s Resolution This year is no different from last year. Saving money is still the main concern for many consumers these days. If anything has changed over the past years, then it’s definitely more people joining in on the quest to save money. New Year’s Eve is just three days away, and it’s going
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Eating Healthy on a Budget – Save Money and Lose Weight

Keeping Your Waist and Your Wallet in Check If you’re like one of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who resolved to lose weight during the New Year, eating healthy is probably at the top of your to-do list. But if you’ve taken a trip around the grocery store lately, you may
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Mortgage Loan Modification Should Be Done With Caution

Mortgage Modifications Gaining Steam Some consumers are looking for a mortgage loan modification now that the recession seems to be stabilizing. In the midst of the lending crash, many banks were closing their doors to even the highest-credit-scoring customers. Now that there seems to be some leveling off of the problems, consumers are trying again
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Saving money on food: An easy way to slim your bill and waistline

It easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to saving money, but it can be very simple. Many people think that saving money — on food, household supplies or even retirement — is a monumental task that requires a lot of time, money and sacrifice. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially for

Save Extra Bucks with Price Protector

Shopping Frustration Have you ever bought something and found out that the price for that item went down 50 percent just two days later? I have and it’s quite irritating, if you ask me. I’ve done it many times before and it’s definitely something I can seriously do without. Thankfully, like easy installment loans, price
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Tame grocery budgets with extreme couponing and other tricks

Saving money can be rigorous, but the rewards are ample. This is particularly true with your grocery budget. Tricks of the trade like “extreme couponing,” stockpiling and waiting for sales and clearance may seem like a bother at first, but the money saved and the pounds lost are worth the effort. Kathy Spencer knows how