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Financial Planning to get ahead.

Fast Money Loans – The When, the Where, the Who and the How

Changes in the fast money loans industry are inevitable because of stricter regulations of the industry by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB. Millions of Americans have come to rely on short-term money loans when they need immediate cash for unexpected expenses, holiday spending and to cover basic living expenses when cash-on-hand just doesn’t

Payday Cash is Not the Only Concern When it Comes to Saving

Payday cash is a priority with Americans now that the recession is over. In particular, they are focused on saving money for retirement. The recession taught people that credit isn’t a reliable emergency account to rely on in times of trouble. Many credit lenders closed their doors when the recession was at its height, it

Paying Down Unsecured Loans is Critical to Financial Health

The Federal Reserve reports the state of the debt Consumers are worried about their unsecured loans. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans currently owe $917 billion on revolving credit loans. Almost all of the debt is the result of credit card and about $70 billion of the total is currently past due. That is bad
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Nine Powerful Keys to Financial Freedom

Step by Step Success Strategies Success Key Number One Accept that financial freedom is possible. Many cannot imagine going through debt repair, being debt free or possessing the freedom to design one’s own lifestyle by having access to a healthy cash flow. Therefore, the first step in achieving financial freedom involves believing that such a

Save Cash Now That Your Retirement Is Funded

Maxing out retirement-fund contributions Many thrifty people are searching for investment options for cash now that they’ve made the maximum allowed retirement-fund contributions. Financial experts have been saying it for years — “invest your money for retirement” — and a new survey shows that a growing number of people are listening. These people are now

The Right Insurance can Provide Emergency Money in Times of Loss

Insurance provides protection Some consumers try to save emergency money by cutting back on insurance. Though it may be a seemingly logical way to bulk up savings, it is not always a good idea. The purpose of insurance is to protect you. It’s one of the few things you buy and hope you’ll never use.
Newly hired consumers need to be wise with payday cash

Newly hired consumers need to be wise with payday cash

Back to the workforce It’s an exciting time for those moving back into the world of earning payday cash. The recession was difficult on the mainstream worker. Almost every industry suffered setbacks and had to lay-off and let-go of good workers. A lot of jobs were eliminated during the process. Now that the recession is
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Black Friday shopping ideas 2010

Before you go hunting for the best door-busters on Black Friday 2010, do some research. If you want the best deals, you’re going to have to plan ahead and create a game plan for the year’s biggest shopping event. Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to help you get the most out of this

The Five Golden Rules of Financial Planning

The benefits of financial planning include stress reduction, wealth building and earning a high credit score. There’s an old adage that when a person fails to plan, they essentially plan to fail. Truer words were never spoken, particularly when it comes to planning for a sound financial future. The following five golden rules of financial

College fund for your child | Considering the 529 plan

If you have a child, no matter the age, today is the day to start planning for their college education. Even the smallest of starts can, over time, accumulate to a nice amount of extra cash when your child is ready to start college. “But where do I put the money?” There are so many

Finding Emergency Money Can Be Simplified by Using Tax Credits

Minimizing tax liability Finding emergency money isn’t easy, but with the vast amount of tax credits available the government is trying to make it a little simpler. Once you get your income tax liability down, you then can start looking at tax credits. There are a wide variety of them available, but it’s important to

Financial Tips for Surviving the Loss of a Spouse

Financial matters cannot be ignored Surviving the loss of a spouse is never easy. Besides the obvious pain and loss felt, there is often an overwhelming amount of financial business to tend to. Unfortunately, credit card bills still needs to be paid, banking matters need to be appropriately handled, as do insurance matters. For those
It can take years to save money for your childs college education (photo:

Can 529 Plans Provide Quick Cash for College?

Saving for college While 529 education savings plans can’t really promise quick cash for college, in recent years they’ve gained prominence as an effective way for parents to provide for the future higher education expenses of their children. A 529 education savings plan is a tax-deferred investment, similar to an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA), except

Is the 40-Year Mortgage Really An Answer to Debt Relief

The 40-year mortgage The 40-year mortgage is growing more popular, but is it a true answer to debt relief? Many loan officers are promoting lower mortgage payments, citing the 40-year long term as a huge benefit to cash-strapped homeowners. But how exactly are they beneficial? President of, Jeff Lazerson, stated that the 40-year mortgage
Use online payday loans to take care of the after-effects of a break-up.

How to pay bills after a breakup: with online payday loans

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you are forced to pay the bills you used to split with your ex; good thing online payday loans are available to help you keep up with all those bills you are used to sharing. Keep reading to learn how to pick up the pieces and pay
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Why the Alternative Minimum Tax should be changed by Congress

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was concocted in 1969 to eliminate tax loopholes for wealthy taxpayers. Since the AMT was created, it has only been adjusted for inflation twice. Each year more middle class taxpayers fall victim to the AMT, but Congress can’t agree on how to keep that from happening. The AMT no longer

The Extended Home Buyers Tax Credit Can Benefit You

2009 First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Most people are now well aware of the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit issued in 2009. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) statistics indicated a consistent rise in pending home sales during the period in which first time home buyers could reap tax credits. In fact, NAR’s