Bank Fees
Bank fees such as overdraft fees or over limit fees can be the most costly form of credit. Find out how to avoid them and learn the truth about the banking industry.
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Social Security recipients, beware banks pushing personal loans

Social Security recipients – particularly those who depend entirely on it – don’t need anyone skimming off the top. That’s why there is a plan on the table to eliminate paper Social Security checks entirely. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Treasury Department plans to stop issuing paper Social Security checks by 2013 and
How will the financial reform benefit us?

Financial Reform | Credit and borrowing for the average person

The financial reform bill passed by the Senate on May 20 intends to keep greedy Wall Street billionaires from taking advantage of the rest of us. But financial reform isn’t just about the big banks. It is about convenient access to credit, fair credit reporting information, an affordable mortgage, and how using credit and debit
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Debit card interchange fees force consumers to pay hefty tax

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon claims that consumers should start paying for the privilege of using their debit cards, but the truth is that consumers have been paying a premium to use debit for years, argues public policy consultant Richard Eskow in a March 24 Huffington Post column. Eskow states that U.S. consumers pay $48
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Payday Loans are Less Expensive than Bank Overdraft Fees

Why big banks don’t like payday loans I just can’t stop kicking myself. First, I got slammed with $105 in bank overdraft fees. I am still recovering from it. Then, I came across this story in The Huffington Post that says banks made $24 billion from overdraft fees last year. That’s Billion. With a B. In
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JP Morgan Chase introduces $5 ATM transaction fees

ATM fees are an unfortunate fact of life for out-of-network banking customers. Now ATM fees are on the rise, as banks look to recapture the overdraft fee money lost to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. According to the Huffington Post, all JP Morgan Chase customers could face $5 ATM fees very soon. Chase ATM

Four Things Your Bank Will Forget to Discuss with You

Many bank institutions are still hunting for more prey. Many major banks have been making the news more recently; this is due to their bad gambling predictions regarding mortgages and their overall poor mismanagement. It would be a very bad generalization and inaccurate to blame all banks for their wrongdoing. The larger banks have been

Money-Saving Tip Your Bank Doesn’t Want You to Know

APPLY HERE for an fast cash Advance Money for nothing In these difficult economic times, the average American family is forced to live paycheck to paycheck — if they are lucky enough to have jobs at all. When the U.S. government bailed out Wall Street, the major banks got huge cash infusions. Since then, major
Witness a caricature photograph of a man watching his money literally go down the drain. That's the way many customers who have had to deal with bank overdraft feel. As laws clamp down on what banks can charge, will banks simply fire customers?

Without overdraft fees, will banks fire customers?

Bank overdraft fees have been a thorny issue for consumers who have argued long and hard that a single $.01 in the red transaction should not trigger a $35 penalty plus additional daily penalties. Congress has listened to consumers, and recent financial reforms voted into place will affect just how much banks are able to

Large banks could place limits on debit card use

The largest banks in the nation may institute limits on how often debit cards can be used by account holders. Large banks are said to be hurting from laws which limit how much can be charged to retailers by banks when customers of those banks swipe their debit cards. Various acts of legislation have been
With this debit transaction cost $35 more than you think?

Should Government Limit Bank Overdraft Fees?

Over-the-top overdraft fees The Associated Press reports that some senior congressional Democrats want to draw up legislation that would limit how much banks can charge customers in overdraft fees. Personally, I have been slapped with $105 in overdraft charges before for transactions that equaled a lot less than that, so I certainly would feel better
Don't be shocked if a small miscue becomes a big money drain called overdraft fees.

Overdraft Fees are a Pain in the Pocket

What Is An Overdraft? (Editor’s Note: Personal Money Store does not offer legal advice. Consult a legal professional if you have questions. The opinions and experiences expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the stance or judgment of Personal Money Store, its affiliates or subsidiaries.) An overdraft takes place

Consumers sick of giving banks a cash advance through fees

Americans are getting fed up with having to give a cash advance to banks to use their own money. In order to get a quick payday out of customers, major banks are stepping up account fees, ATM and overdraft fees. Account holders are not amused. Anger over giving a cash advance to banks grows Most American
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Using Credit Cards for Overseas Travel

Summer plans Now that the recession is leveling off, many people are getting ready to start using their credit cards again. Because the economy is projected to reach its turnaround point mid-summer, consumers are looking to use their cards to pay for summer vacations. Marilyn Dean of Los Angeles, California stated, “We haven’t had a
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Managing Spending on the Unsecured Personal Loans’ Budget

Managing Spending on the Unsecured Personal Loans’ Budget Christmas is here and it can be costly Many buyers are looking for unsecured personal loans to get them through the holiday season. Despite discounts and specials, consumers are going to have shortfalls in budgeting. The easiest way to manage the holidays is to understand the tactics