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How to avoid personal finance mistakes that cost a lot of money

A lot of people make financial mistakes by spending money without thinking. Living for today and forgetting about tomorrow can get you in trouble. Of course, nobody is perfect and it’s no fun being a tightwad. But personal financial management will help you avoid big mistakes that hold you back from where you really want
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Financial independence relies on smart spending as much as saving

Unless you win a $380 million Mega Millions jackpot, smart spending is the only way to avoid debt and save for retirement. Becoming financially literate is one of the keys to smart spending. Having the commons sense to realize there is no such thing as “unexpected expenses” is another. Financial literacy and financial independence Most
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Oil and gas destined to fall as prices pinch consumer demand

Oil prices are soaring, and gas prices are approaching levels not seen since the summer of 2008. The U.S. has huge oil and gasoline stockpiles, but speculators betting on risk and fear have pushed oil prices up 21 percent in 2011. Some analysts think the oil rally is about to end, however, as rising oil
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Debt relief and consolidation scams still rampant post-recession

Over the past few years, some may have noticed a greater number of advertisements and other media relating to debt relief or debt settlement companies. Though many of these companies are legit, there are a number that are scams. Despite increased regulations, there are still a lot of fraudulent debt relief companies out there. Crooks
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Marriage and money: pros and cons

As June approaches many couple are looking forward to their intended nuptials.  But have they considered the financial ramifications?  Standard wisdom has it that two can live more cheaply than one.  However, our ever-changing financial world begs many not-easily-answered questions which the informed couple should consider.  While marriage offers many financial benefits, it comes with
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President Obama talks about his personal finances

President Obama dropped in on the White House Personal Finance Summit Wednesday to give his opinion on a variety of budget related issues. He seemed a bit blind-sided when asked by Meg Marco, of the Consumerist, how he handles his own finances. After a brief pause, he answered, “don’t spend all your money.” Saving some
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Making a personal budget: Know the ins and outs

Making a personal budget is an essential element of being financially stable, yet 94 percent of Americans wish they were better at it, says the Financial Planning blog. Building a successful spending plan requires that all regular and semi-regular expenses are accounted for, yet people still tend to forget things that can sink a budget
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Nearly 60 percent of parents help support adult children

A new study shows that 59 percent of parents are still providing financial support to their adult children who are not students. The study suggests that the recession is preventing them from leaving home. In some cases, it is forcing those who have left to move back — so called “boomerang kids.” The study, called
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Retire without social security – what it takes to make it work

With Congress instituting a one-year freeze on payroll taxes, Social Security is facing yet another deficit. Many people are facing the possibility of needing to retire without social security and wondering what  exactly it would take to retire without support. The financial status of social security Since it was first instituted, politicians have hotly debated
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Create a personal budget when you get short term cash advances

The best way to get the most out of short term credit is to create a personal budget. Nobody wants to be on a budget. But everybody has to be on one, no matter how much money they make. When short term cash advances or payday loans become part of your financial strategy, controlling spending
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How to save a $1 million retirement fund starting now

Would you retire if you had a million dollars? Many financial advisers say that just about anyone can become a millionaire with the right money-saving strategy. However, by the time you retire, a lot of unforeseen circumstances will happen that affect the amount of money you save and the amount you need. How to save
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Save money on a wedding: How to plan a wedding on a budget

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to require ridiculous amounts of money. In fact, there are many simple ways to plan a wedding on a budget without breaking the bank or needing a last minute cash advance. Whether your limit is $500 or $5,000, with these wedding planning tips, you can have a beautiful inexpensive wedding
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Easy personal finance tips for debt proof living

The best way to deal with debt problems is to avoid getting into debt. Too many people end up owing tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards, student loans or car loans. If you haven’t yet joined the crowd, there’s still time to adjust your personal financial behavior for debt proof living. When it
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Quicken Online to Mint migration not ‘seamless’ as promised

Quicken Online users will have no choice but to migrate their personal financial data to Mint.com as of Aug. 29. On that date, no one will be able to sign in at Quicken Online. Intuit, the makers of Quicken, purchased mint.com last year for $170 million. In February, Intuit sent a message to Quicken Online

Avoid the top 10 budget mistakes

It will save you money Making a budget is essential for your financial well-being. When you have a plan in place, even the roughest of recessions won’t be able to pull you under. But beware, purveyors of payday loans – if you aren’t careful, you can fall prey to one of the top 10 budget
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Funding Christmas gift ideas on a budget 2010

Christmas 2010 is just around the corner, and if you’re like most people struggling to make ends meet these days, you need to find creative ways to fund your Christmas gift ideas on a budget. With these easy tips, you can still get the most out of the holidays, without spending ridiculous amounts of money